Year: 2008-2009

Synopsis: This series of table-top exercise tools was developed to provide a realistic scenario to foster problem-solving and decision-making skills and improve Emergency Management and Response. The goal of this Microsoft Multi-Scenario TTX workshop was to provide a venue to build awareness and an environment where Microsoft resources must collaborate across functional silos geographies with the end state of planning for, responding to, and recovering from the effects of events of catastrophic significance in the impact areas. This series included six disaster scenarios: earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane, pandemic, and terrorist attack.

Target Audience: Upper-level managers at Microsoft


  • Worked with a script writer and subject-matter experts to develop a storyboard
  • Designed and developed training platforms for each scenario using AutoPlay Media Studio
  • Assisted in editing video and media files
  • Complied training materials, multimedia, and content and published the final products
Customized the program based on the clients’ requirements