Year: 2002

Synopsis: This tool was developed informally over the last several years by graduate students at the University of South Alabama. The project was intended as a tool to aid those interested in learning basic instructional design principles. This first version of the Instructional Design Electronic Workbook was based on Gagne, Briggs, and Wager’s Principles of Instructional Design, one of the classics of the field. The ID Workbook offered a CD-Rom and online version. I was designated to redesign the entire ID Workbook, including revising the instructional content, designing learner-content interaction, redesigning the user interface and navigation system, developing multimedia, and packaging the project.

Target Audience: Graduate students in the Instructional Design program


  • Served as a Project Lead to conduct the program evaluation
  • Revised the project by re-designing the program interface, revising the content, and updating the program interaction
  • Developed the program in Macromedia Authorware
  • Completed the project for both the CD-Rom and online version