Effects of Two-Dimensional, Three-Dimensional, and Pictorial Charts on Time on Task and Accurate Interpretation

Year: 2011-2012

Synopsis: This is my dissertation which investigated the effects of employing various degrees of embellishments in vertical bar charts. The study focused on whether dimensionality and metaphorical pictures in chart designs have an effect on time on task and accuracy. Three chart designs were studied—two-dimensional (2-D), three-dimensional (3-D), and pictorial charts. The participants were students studying at the University of South Alabama. A computer-based software package was used to electronically gather all the data and participants’ input. The comparisons among 2-D, and 3-D, and pictorial chart groups were analyzed to answer the research questions.

Target Audience:


  • Conducted the study
  • Developed the instrument using Adobe Authorware
  • Analzyed the results
  • Submitted the long paper to the EdMedia 2012