Year: 2008

Synopsis: The Bagnell/Truman Dam Security Table-Top Exercise was developed to identify strengths and areas for improvement in existing policies and procedures, share, and discuss organizational procedures for identifying and resorting suspicious activity. Along with the use of this TTX, the training was synchronously facilitated through Moodle and video conferencing. The trainees participated in this TTX from different locations, and interacted with each other through threaded discussions in the Learning Management System, Moodle. At the same time, the facilitator operated the TTX program through the video conferencing.

Target Audience: College of Education, USA


  • Worked closely with the clients to design the interface and developed a training approach
  • Developed the TTX using AutoPlay Media Studio
  • Developed multimedia, such as Flash timer, animation, graphics, and program interface
  • Customized and configured the Moodle template for the exercise
  • Uploaded and managed training materials on Moodle