Year: 2014

Synopsis: InforMed Solutions has been offering Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses in both print and downloadable PDF format. All of the courses have been delivered in a self-paced learning method. InforMed Solutions was in the process of migrating all the instructional materials and course content to a new enterprise Learning Management System (LMS). To prepare for the LMS migration and transition process, all the instructional materials must be converted into an e-Learning content package that meets Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standards.

I worked as an independent ID contractor for this project to conduct needs assessment and assisted the InforMed Solutions team in preparing any instructional materials that need to be converted to the eLearning content package using Adobe Captivate. This project involved the development of Extended Release-Long Acting (ER/LA) Opioids (Mississippi Physicians) course.

Target Audience: Professionals in the medical field


  • Conducted needs assessment
  • Evaluated existing course content
  • Implemented appropriate instructional strategies
  • Designed the user interface
  • Developed course materials and published them in a SCORM package
  • Conducting formative evaluation and quality assurance