Year: 2001 – 2003

Synopsis: Two projects were developed under the Project Conservation Action Through Education (Project CATE): Rabbit’s Big Splash and Skeeter’s Wild Adventure. The purpose of these programs was to design, develop, and implement interactive learning using local, state, and regional outdoor scenes and scenarios. Using stories, projects, games, and other interactive activities, students acquired environmental and conservation knowledge and skills. The educational focus of the CD-ROMs used the inquiry method of teaching science and other subjects. The Rabbit’s Big Splash received multiple awards since 2002.

Target Audience: K-12th graders


  • Worked with a team of professional instructional designers and graphic designers to develop several games for both Rabbit’s Big Splash and Skeeter’s Wild Adventure
  • Developed talking-head skeeter animations
  • Assisted in designing the game algorithms
  • Designed algorithms and developed interactive games using Macromedia Authorware