Year: 2005

Synopsis: This table-top exercise (TTX) was created to focus on planning and preparedness for natural and manmade disasters, as well as the encouragement of international cooperation among the Civil Military Emergency Preparedness (CMEP) participants. This scenario detailed the effects of a flooding event and terrorist attack. It was also served a facilitating tool to guide the participants in making decisions and developing actions plans as a team.

Target Audience: Civil Military Emergency Preparedness, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


  • Assisted in researching content and data to develop scenarios
  • Designed and developed the training platform using AutoPlay Media Studio
  • Developed multimedia files
  • Provided technical guidance to the instructional design team
  • Assisted in editing video files
  • Designed and developed storyboards, layouts, and program interactions according to clients’ requirements and subject-matter experts’ feedback