Effective communication with team members, clients, and other stakeholders at all levels is crucial to me when managing a project. I work in academic, government, and corporate settings, where I develop my cultural competency through both direct and indirect interaction with my colleagues and co-workers who have diverse backgrounds. I had experience leading a group of Instructional Design contractors who remotely worked on course development projects concurrently while managing and providing support to a group of faculty members on the projects. The contractors were across the US and some were in Canada.


I successfully developed a framework, seamless process, and communication system allowing all the team members to stay on track. Because each individual has different backgrounds and working styles, some conflicts occurred. I was able to resolve any conflicts through my problem-solving skills, sensitivity, open-mindness, and self-awareness.

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The IDZone: Adapting a Learning Management System as a Project Management Tool

This proposal was accepted to be presented at the Online Learning Consortium International Conference. It demonstrated how a Learning Management System could be adapted as a project management tool to help a lead Instructional Designer collaborate with a large group of contract Instructional Designers. To expedite the online course development process while managing several projects at once, the IDZone made it possible to centralize the communication and information distribution throughout a project life cycle.

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Development Process Guidelines 

This document has been constantly updated as project requirements have changed and workflow or processes have been enhanced. It is a true collaboration among team members to develop a process guideline document that serves as a blueprint from inception to completion of the project. This specific example showcases the contract project that I serve as the Project Manager. It is a work in progress.

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