Ikee Worm Attacked IPhone Users


Reports this weekend warned of a number of iPhones in Australia reportedly infected by a worm that only replaces the device’s background wallpaper with an image of 80′s pop icon Rick Astley.



I love this Ikee Worm!! It’s so funny!! hahaha! Do yo know Rick Astley?? I love Rick’s songs. Most people will be surprised by his voice. He has thick deep voice that you would not imagine that it’s from him! My two of most favorite songs are:


Never Gonna Give You Up


Together Forever


Do you like his songs? To learn more about Rick Astley, visit WIKI


Source: PC World

Google Wave


Google Wave is the latest Google’s technology which allows users to have a real-time communication and collaboration. Users can share and discuss their work with colleagues in real-time.



However, Google Wave is not available to the public yet. You will need an invitation code in order to use this service. And, yes.. it’s so difficult to get an invitation. And, yes… I’ve just got one!!! Whoo hooo..


The video clip below is the preview of  Google Wave.


Domino Effect


This video clip demonstrates a “Domino Effect” when you are not paying attention to what you are doing! OMG!


The Climb



The Climb is the OST from Hannah Montana The Movie, which I had a chance to watch it during the road trip from Salt Lake to Las Vegas. I heard the song before watching the movie. At first, I thought the song was just alright. But, after watching the movie. I think it was kind of growing on me. Odd enough to say.. I like the movie too. Hahaha.., I watched the Disney channel sometimes and Hanna Montana could make me laugh. I thought the show itself was funny, silly, and entertaining. What about Miley Cyrus? She was OK. It would be better if she could avoid those bad press. It has affected how I think of her which I couldn’t help it. Of course, I don’t know her, but the press has been trying to portray the dark side of her.  However, we cannot avoid the fact that how talent she is!! I admire her that!! She has just turned 18 and look how much money she can make!!


Here is The Climb song


Now, I would you to watch another version of the Climb sang by Kelly Clarkson and her backup singers.


Which version do you like better?

My Bloody Valentine


Tata Young’s second full single is going to be My Bloody Valentine. Not bad at all.. I think I like it!!



What do you think?

Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma MV


Heres the official MV for the OST of Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nan Ma, Hai Chan Doo Lae Thur by Nam Ronnade.


Let’s Take A Break MV


Here is the latest full MV of Let’s Take a Break  campaign which Nichkhun is the presenter for.


Ready For Love – The Official MV


After Tata Young’ s new MoV has released, people have discussed about the production a lot. It seemed like most Thai fan were not impressed with her new look and the MV. I’m some sort of agree with them. We all just hope it would come out better or more WOW factors.. I guess?


But… I still love her debut single!! I can’t wait for the next single!


Here is the official MV.


Let’s Take A Break


I’ve been so busy for the past weeks. That’s why I couldn’t keep up with my blog. I need a break. So, I’m planning to take a break next month. It’s not a long break – rather get away weekend. ..Whoo hoo!  I’m planning to go to Utah to visit a friend there.


Speaking of taking a break. Did you see new Thailand tourism commercial yet? They have Nichkhun as our presenter. The commercial looks so cool!! Take a look



Here are some photo shoots



20090729_nichkhun_0820090729_nichkhun_0420090729_nichkhun_05Let’s take a break and come to Thailand!!

Daughtry version of Poker Face


I love Poker Face song from Lady Gaga and I found out that Chris Daughtry also did an acoustic version of this song. I totally love this version too! This is super awesome!! Check it out!