Wario Land: Shake It


P’ Jocho sent me a link to a demo of Wario Land Wii Game, hosted on YouTube website. It’s very very cool and interesting. You will see your browser start to shake and fall down. You can use your mouse and shake or move all the blocks or objects on your screen. Play with it and you will love it!!


Take a look!

Wii Fit Released


Great news…Nintendo finally released a new Wii game gadget called Wii Fit. You can use it to do exercising and training. No more excuses not to go to the gym! You can work out at home with Wii Fit.

Of course, I want to be fit too so I bought one… :mrgreen: 

There are several of them at the local Walmart selling for $89.74. It’s bigger and heavier than I thought. I haven’t unbox it yet. Here are some shots from outside.


Go get it now while you can!

Please see the Wii Fit’s Trailer below