I Quit


Today is Quit Facebook Day. Am I quitting Facebook? Well.. maybe only for today… LOL!

According to Quit Facebook Day Website, people had committed to delete their Facebook profiles in protest over privacy issues on the Facebook network. I totally agree that privacy settings in Facebook are kind of messy. They definitely need to work on those privacy issues.

Will this issue stop me from using Facebook? Umm.. I don’t think so and majority of users are still using it. Just to remember that ..you have to be responsible for what you put out there on the network. Once it’s on your facebook, it’s never private!

Source: PCWorld

MS Office 2010


You can use MS Office 2010 with free-of-charge for nearly a year. The preview won’t expire until Oct. 31, 2010. The public download is available from the Microsoft site, on this page.


Office 2010 is the first Microsoft suite to be offered in both 32- and 64-bit versions. 

The Office 2010 Beta site had listed three different versions that would be made available to users: Professional Plus, and the to-be-sold-at-retail Office Home and Business, and Office Professional. Microsoft has set the minimum requirements for the beta as a 500MHz or faster processor; 256MB or more of memory; 3GB of free hard drive space; and Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 SP2, or Windows 7.


This is very exciting!! I might give it a try for this new version.


Source: Computer World

Google Chrome OS


The new specie of OS has been emerged. It’s Google Chrome and it’s FREE!



Yesterday Google hosted a press event at its Mountain View campus to reveal a first glimpse at the Chrome OS. What do you think? Are you going to give it a try? To be honest, I’m scared. As you know, when installing the new OS, you will have to deal with all drivers and application software that you have to make sure that they are compatible with the OS.


I’m for one who is not ready to jump into the Chrome OS yet:)


You can read more about it from Endgadget website



Whoo hoo.. I thought Comcast On Demand was an awesome feature to have, yet the On Demand Online is even HOTTER!!


What is Comcast? Comcast is one of the major company in the US that provides TV cable and cable Internet services. It’s like UBC in Thailand. “Video On Demand” is a free feature that allows subscribers to watch movies and shows on any package you pay. There are ton of HBO movies you can watch. You can watch anytime you want. It’s updated every Monday. The cable box acts like it were a video player. You can pause, stop, play, etc. How nice is that?


It will be available at no additional cost to existing subscribers and allow the authorization of up to 3 devices per household. Log in once from home to Comcast.net or Fancast.com, download the Move Networks powered player to authorize your PC and proceed to stream from the very healthy library of VOD, whether at home or anywhere else. This is so Comcastic!


Source: Endgadget

Dell Mini 3i


Now Dell is expanding it’s territory to the smartphone market by releasing Dell Mini 3i in Brazil and China.




It uses Android OS. The price is still unknown.


To read more details, visit Dell Press Release.



A new website, called Clicker.com, has launched. Clicker provides links to many different content providers on the Internet who offer video in both standard and high definition, and in a wide variety of video players and technologies.



Clicker is the complete guide to Internet Television. If you missed some of the shows that you cannot watch in On-Demand service or you don’t know when they are going to re-run. This is the good source for you to start with!

Google Wave


Google Wave is the latest Google’s technology which allows users to have a real-time communication and collaboration. Users can share and discuss their work with colleagues in real-time.



However, Google Wave is not available to the public yet. You will need an invitation code in order to use this service. And, yes.. it’s so difficult to get an invitation. And, yes… I’ve just got one!!! Whoo hooo..


The video clip below is the preview of  Google Wave.


One Week with Windows 7


I’ve been  using Windows 7 for a week and I definitely think that Windows 7 is a must-upgrade from Windows Vista. I like the Vista’s appearance, but hate the way it operated. Vista made my laptop sluggish. It took forever to work on anything.


With Windows 7, it operates like Windows XP. It is majorly improved in both appearance and function. I recommend you to upgrade from Vista to 7.


Now, if you are a student, you can upgrade to Home or Professional version for only 29.99. You will need to be qualified first and download the installation file. It took about couple hours or so to upgrade.


Here is the website for Student Promotion:  http://win741.com/ 


PS. this offer is valid for only a few countries. Please check before making  a purchase

Streaming Movies and Shows


We cannot deny that the Cable/DSL Internet access has been already a part of our life. We cannot live with Dial-up speed Internet access anymore. People need high-speed Internet to download music, movies, and all kinds of media. The demand of high-speed Internet use has been growing every year. I guess that’s why many major entertaining business companies have been partnering with electrical business companies. They are offering a new means to delivery movies and shows to you. We don’t need TV cable services anymore, and they are NOT cheap at all.



This is good for consumers like us. Instead of paying $120 to get the TV cable services that you cannot pick out what you want to watch unless using the On Demand services, you could pay only $20 per months to download and watch whatever movies and shows you want. For example, Best Buy are planing to launch movie download services with Sonic. Sony’s Blu-Ray players and Play Station 3 will be able to download movies from NetFlix, an online rental movie web site.


This is another technology revolution that we have to keep an eye closely!


Source: Business Journal

Disney Keychest


Disney has stepped up their games, by initiating a new project called Keychest. As we know, how much technology has been advanced these days and how much technology has influenced in our life including our kids. Now, most Five-year old boys or girls can operate computer or use the Internet faster and better than some adults!! Disney has noticed that!



Disney is readying a technology that would let viewers pay a one-off fee for permanent access to a movie or TV show across multiple devices. Keychest would let children or anyone watch on anything from a TV to an iPhone, or via cable. The content wouldn’t actually be downloaded; instead, in a could computing-like model, it would reside with the service provider, cable company or phone company. When the movie is purchased, the user is given an access key. In the mean time, Disney is in talks with a number of technology partners and try to get the project going.


Source: TG Daily