Earth Day


April 22th is the day which is chosen to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth”s environment.



So… what are you planning to do to show your appreciation for the Earth? For me, I bought a new plant, called “Split leaf.” I will have it in my dining room. I got this plant only $10 from the flea market.


Split leaf Philodendron

Plants Update


It’s time to update pictures of plants from my backyard. I thought I would lost the maple tree, but NO… leafs are coming out. The maple tree  has never looked better like this before!


You can navigate the slide show by click buttons at the bottom of picture. You can view in “Fullscreen” mode by clicking at the last button on the right. To exit the fullscreen mode, hit ESC key on your keyboard.


Enjoy the show!


[slideshow id=9]



The lemon tree I got from P’ Nin when I have the house warming party eventually produced lemons!!  Take a look!


Birds of Paradise


These flowers are the most recently bloomed. The flowers are not big. They are red/orange looking. My guess would be “Bird of Paradise”?? I could be wrong… Anyhow, I thought it would look cool in the white cylinder vase sitting on the bookshelf. Take a look..

What do you think? Are they “Birds of Paradise”?

Lemon Tree

P’ Nin and Sang Min gave me a lemon tree since I had the house warming party, three months ago. I still haven’t found a place to plant it yet, but look now it’s producing offsprings! Look at those lemons!!

Lemon tree