Angus – How Cute!


Angus – The cutest Korean/Thai baby in Mobile!!

Birds of Paradise


These flowers are the most recently bloomed. The flowers are not big. They are red/orange looking. My guess would be “Bird of Paradise”?? I could be wrong… Anyhow, I thought it would look cool in the white cylinder vase sitting on the bookshelf. Take a look..

What do you think? Are they “Birds of Paradise”?



I’ve just received email from Jane. I’ve known that she’s been pregnant since her 10-week, but I just had a chance to see her baby picture! Well.. although it’s just ultrasound pictures, it’s pretty amazing…

The picture above is his/her 20 week picture. I use “his/her” because Jane and Adam don’t want to find out the baby’s gender. Jane’s supposed to deliver the baby around Christmas and they thought this would be a great and exciting present for them. I think its such a great idea! 

You can see baby’s hands and feet. That’ pretty amazing!  My continued thoughts and prayers go to both Jane and Adam. Can’t wait to see the baby. He/she is going to be adorable!!

Art Rage


I’ve had ArtRage on my machine for awhile, but never really trained myself to excel all the features. ArtRage is a drawing/painting software which allow you to express your artistic talent on the computer. It provides you with a variety of the drawing and painting tools, such as water painting, sketch pencil, oil painting, etc. The texture of the canvas is also customizable. How cool is that!!

ArtRage features

Here is the offical website

The latest version is 2.5.

Did i mention that the software is so CHEAP!! If you are an artist or a graphic designer, you should get the ArtRage, and you will not be disappoint. You can export the project in different formats, such as JPG and PSD (Photoshop).

Here is my latest artwork.

Butterfly Fish

What do you think?

Beijing 2008 Olympic


เสียดายจังอยู่ที่ทำงานไม่มีโอกาสได้ดู Live แต่ไม่เป็นไร รู้สึกว่า ช่อง NBC จะเอามาฉายคืนนี้ น่าดูๆๆ เห็นรูปแล้วตื่นตาตื่นใจดีเหมือนกัน

งามแท้ๆ :mrgreen:

Enzo’s Toys


พึ่งจะว่างเขียน blog ก็ตอนนี้เอง อาทิตย์ค่อนข้างยุ่ง ไม่รู้หมดเวลาไปกับอะไร อาทิตย์นึงผ่านไปไวจริงๆ ก่อนนอนก็เลยต้องอัพเดท blog ซะหน่อย

ไม่ได้เขียนถึง Enzo มานาน ก็เลยหยิบรูปที่เคยถ่ายของเล่นของ Enzo มาให้ชมกัน Enzo ชอบเล่นของเล่นเหมือนเด็กๆ บางทีเรากลับมาจากทำงาน พี่แกก็เอาละ ไปหยิบลูกบอลยางสีม่วงตัวโปรดมาให้โยน ให้ดึงกับเขา เขาจะชอบให้โยนแล้วเขาก็จะกระโดดรับ ค่อนข้างแม่นทีเดียว ฮ่าๆ ของเล่นชิ้นโปรดนี้จะเรียกว่า Purple เขาฟังออกนะ ทำเป็นไรไป ว่างๆบอกให้เขาไปหยิบมาเล่น เขาก็วิ่งไปหยิบมาเล่นนะ นอกจากนี้ก็ยังมีขอเล่นอีกเป็นกระบะเลยทีเดียว แต่ที่เห็นหยิบพลัดเปลี่ยนไปเปลี่ยนมาก็จะมีอยู่ หกชิ้น วันดีคืนดี เกิดอาการเหงาจัด Enzo ก็จะคว่ำทั้งกระบะ ออกมากระจัดกระจายแล้วก็หยิบของเล่นที่ไม่ได้เล่นมานาน ออกมา  ไอ้เรื่องหยิบเปลี่ยนของเล่น Enzo เก่งนักเชียว แต่ทีบอกให้เอาไปเก็บ ดันทำไม่เป็นเสียนี่!!




Lemon Tree

P’ Nin and Sang Min gave me a lemon tree since I had the house warming party, three months ago. I still haven’t found a place to plant it yet, but look now it’s producing offsprings! Look at those lemons!!

Lemon tree

Beijing or Peking?


Do you know where Beijing is located in China? Do you know where Peking is located in China? I got confused by both city names. Do you have any idea that these two cities are the same city. Both name, Beijing and Peking, are alternatively used. Based on Wikipedia, Beijing is one f the four great ancient capitals of China located in north. Beijing has been known in English as Peking.

Now, I know my mom just visited Beijing where the Olympic 2008 will be held!! Duhh!! 😳

Beijing Olympic 2008 Mascots

There are so many cool looking buildings in Beijing. On the Yahoo’s News photo, I saw the new China Central Television HQ building. It is very awesome looking.

The new China Central Television headquarters building is seen ...
CCT HQ Building

Let’s take a look at other Beijing Architechtures

FILE ** In this April 18, 2008 file photo, two Olympic venues, ...

The National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)

The Bird Nest National Stadium lit up for a rehearsal of the ...In this photo released by the Beijing Tourism Administration, ...Fireworks are set off during a rehearsal of the opening ceremony ...
The Bird Nest National Stadium (this will be used for the Olympic Games)

Cleaners stand in water as they scrub the outside of the National ...
The National Grand Theater (Egg Building)

MSN Map Vs. Google Map


You wouldn’t believe this… MSN Live map is actually providing you with better views. Some people prefer to use MapQuest and Google map, but not many people have mentioned that they used MSN Live map.

Yesterday a friend of mine at work asked me to pulled up the MSN Live map because we want to look at area around my house. We select the Bird’s eye view, and it surprisingly gave me a very good satellite image.  I went back to Google map which I normally used, and keyed my address in. It didnt’ give me the detail image map as good as I got from the MSN Live map.

Bird's view of my house from MSN Live map

Bird's view of my house from MSN Live map

Plus, MSN Live map’s interface for directions are simpler than Google map. Micrsoft did improve a lot on this part. I love it and it becomes my first choice when I need to look up a map or direction.

Russian Market in Peking, China


One of our neighbor (in Bangkok) sent her daughter to Peking to study Chinese, and she asked my mom if she wanted to go with her. My mom has never visited Peking, so she decided to go. She just flew back home last night and she called me to let me know she safely arrived home. We did talked briefly about her trip.

I asked her about Peking…”what did it look like?”

She said.. “Oh My God… Peking is just another big city like Bangkok, New York, etc. There were a lot of skyscrapers, traffics, crowds, etc.”

“Did you go shopping a lot?”, I asked.

“Yes”, she replied. She added that everything was so cheap like you wouldn’t believe. She did briefly mentioned about “Russian Market.”

“Wait a minute… I thought you went to China.”, I asked.

“No… this Russian market is in Peking… I’m not sure why they called that”, she replied with laughs.

She bought several coats, jackets, pajamas, and couple Coach handbags. She said that Russian market was crazy. Once you got it, they would locked you down and wouldn’t let you go until you made a purchase.

I’m thinking in my head.. hmm.. that sounds like Russian (being locked down in the country — no offense.. you know what I mean? But, that’s just my thought).

Yabalu (Russian Market) :
The Russian Market is on the west wide of Ritan Park (Temple of the Sun Park). This is where you’ll find fur coats, clothing, hats, bras, toys, bathing suits, and more “stuff” than you can imagine — all destined for Russia in bulk quantities. –

She had a good time with bargaining the price. There was one shop that she bargained from 1,000 Chinese dollars down to only “3 Chinese dollars.” Yes.. that’s the correct number — it’s only one digit price! She was amazed that the lady would sell a nice coat for that price.

I’m glad that she had a good time. I’m sorry that she missed me and my sister since we hadn’t talked for 9 days. I missed her too! Now, Peking has just been added to my wish list. :mrgreen:

National Grand Theater, Peking