Tricycle in China


I got an email from my aunt. She sent me some pictures of tricycle in China. They are innovative and interesting.





Who is this?


Can you guess who is this?

Yep.. this is him, Barack Obama

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Suvarnabhumi Airport


Not much to say about the international Suvarnabhumi airport being shut down.

Obama Uses Mac


According to POTUS, pictures of Obama with Apple Mac Powerbook are displayed. He has a sticker of Pacman in front of the Apple logo. It looks like Pacman is about to eat the Apple!! That’s so awesome!

After Halloween


Last night Gift and I went to Walmart to get some stuff and we bought one costume and one sweater for Enzo. The costume costed 7 bucks and the sweater was 10 bucks. We knew Enzo has been getting bigger, but we weren’t sure what size he was. So, we bought Medium size for him.

When we came home and tried the costumes on him, it appeared that Medium was too big for him. We could tell he didn’t like them because they were too big on him. The hood would cover his eyes. Arms are too long…

So, today we go back to Walmart. We want to exchange them. We are so happy to find out that costumes for dog are 50% off!!!! Yahoooo… That means all the costumes are only $3.50. That’s very good price! We decided to buy two of them in Small size. They are Bee and Lady bug costume. Take a look! They are so cute!!

Happy Halloween


I received these cute pictures from my friend, Hans. Why do dogs hate Halloween? Take a look at pictures below!

Art Rage – Cat


Just practice using Art Rage to draw up a picture of cat. This drawing is a part of thread discussion in Art Rage forum. Click the link to see other people’s paints. They all are so talented!

My paint is ugly, but I’m kind of like it.

Her name is “Garla”

Yay…. Garla is privilege enough to be presented as my 100th post. Can you believe that I’ve already written 100 blog entries.

No Child Left Behind


I’m totally bias. I’m giving so much love and attention to Enzo that I almost forget my other children in Bangkok. They are Popeye, Momay, and Pooklook. I miss them so much. They never woke me up at 5AM. They never beg me for anything, but love. They are very sweet children. How can I forget them?? LOL  Awwww look at these pictures below. They are cute, aren’t they?

Pooklook (Youngest Son)

Momay (Mommy)

Popeye (Daddy)



I found this amazing website which you can learn so many things from other people’s ideas. This website is There are several ideas I found very interesting and innovative.

The first one is “Recycled Takeout Container Planter.” Personally, I like the shape of Chinese Takeout boxes. It’s hard, stylish, and most importantly water-resistant. What a great idea to use it as a planter!

The second one is “How To Make Organic Planting Pots Using Old Newspaper.” This is genius! Who would think of that! It’s money-saving, organic, and easy to transport the plants to the ground. I have flower seeds to plant and get them ready for the spring. I probably will use this approach to seed the plants.

Third is “Woven Paracord Bracelet/Watchband.” It looks fairly simple, easy, and fun. This can be a great gift for coming X’mas and New Year event.

Forth is “Grow A Square Watermelon.” Yeahh.. you read it correctly. It’s SQUARE”, and it’s edible! I don’t know if this is easy or hard to do. It seems complicated to me, but I think it’s worth to try if you are into fruit-farming.

The last my favorite (but not least) is “Light Bulb Lamp.” I like the contradict idea of lighting up the bulbs using the basic idea of lighting a candle whereas the bulbs should be lighting itself up with the electricity. The instruction sounds simple and doable.

There are still plenty of instructions on how to do cool things on the website. Go check it out. Some might look stupid – just discard those crazy instructions (some are just even suggestions). Share with me if you find anything interesting!

Squirrel Stopped By


Gift, my sister, took pictures of a squirrel who stopped by her window and looked for Enzo. Where is Enzo? Anybody home??

May I see Enzo please?