We Miss Our Little Friend


How are you, our little friend – Bobo? We missed having him stay over in our house!! Brandon told me that Bobo is doing well. It’s great to hear that.


Enzo has woke up around 3AM every morning for the past two weeks.. What’s up with that? I wish I could just switch Bobo to Enzo when Brandon came to pick up Bobo… LOL hahaha. Oh well…let’s take a look at his cute shots.


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Chicken vs. Egg


Have you ever wondered how an egg becomes a chicken? Take a look at these self-explained series of pictures below.


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Source: I got these pictures from forwarded email.

White Peacock in China


One of my friend FW’d an email with these attached pictures of white peacock. 



Pretty amazing , isn’t it?

Wow… My Desk Calendar!


Finally, I got my printed calendars from shutterfly. I ordered only 5 copies!! They are so cool. The color and layout turned out exactly as the way I designed. I’m very impressed and glad that I didn’t print them out from my inkjet printer LOL.  It fits perfectly in the jewel case. Please take a look at the result. Do you like it?





Origami Museum


Vee just got back from Thailand. He had to stop by Narita airport, Tokyo, Japan. He said he thought of me when he saw the Origami Museum!! Awww.. that’s nice of him. He thought I already have seen this.

Well.. NO… I have no idea that there is such this thing at the airport. When I go back to Thailand, usually I will transit at Incheon airport, Seoul, Korea. I wish I could visit the meseum. Vee said he was impressed. It was amazing. So, I googled it.. hahaha.. Here they are!

It is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

SOURCE: Flickr.com

Lean Like A Cholo


Have you ever heard this song – “Lean Like A Cholo”? I remembered that I learned the word – Cholo from the song. I had to ask Brandon what it meant. Cholo is a slang term used to describe someone who has Mexican background and acts or looks tough like a gangster. You can read more definition about the word from Wiki.

Here is the MV of Lean Like A Cholo from YouTube:

Do you like the song? I just LOVE it! This song sang by Kilo.

Now, take a look at Enzo! Enzo is leaning like a CHOLO!





Au (my beloved long-time friend since grade 8th) and her two friends visited Mobile during the New  Year holidays. We drove to New Orleans. Every time I pay New Orleans a visit, I had to stop by this place, called Cafe Du Monde. There are two famous things in the cafe – Coffee and Beignet. So, what’s the “Beignet”?

Beignet is a french word which means “donut”. It’s YUMMY!! Beignet pronounced  “Ben-Yay” or “เบนเย”



The white powder on the top is sugar icing. This cafe opens 24 hours and seven days a week. It’s always packed with tourists.

It’s so good that I wanted to eat the whole plate! Ha Ha Ha! :mrgreen:

Pom Pom Maker


I got these Pom Pom maker from Hobby Lobby. They are on sale like 30%-50% off. I use them to decorate a Christmas Wreath. Next year we probably will try to do ornaments and hang them on the Christmas tree.




Merry Xmas!!


Wish you all with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year





We have a guest to stay over for several nights over the Christmas holidays. His name is “Bo-Bo.” He’s very very tiny!! Don’ t let his size fool you. He is a grown man with a big attitude. Enzo has to give him some respect. He’s about six years old and of course chihuahua!



Merry Christmas 2008!!