Thai Scent


It was so bazaar that i accidentally found this Cascade dishwasher detergent with “Thai Scent.” Basically it is Dragon Fruit scent! If I remember correctly, the dragon fruit is not originally from Thailand. It was brought from Vietnam where is the main distribution of dragon fruit. When something referred to “Thai scent,” I don’t think of dragon fruit at all! I think of therapeutic aroma. Well, this is very interesting and I actually bought it! Lol! It wasn’t bad at all! You should try!!


Stone Garden


We finally finished cleaning up the garden past weekend. I am very happy with the result. I love it!! It is clean and simple, just like how I have imagined. Can you guess how many bags of marble stone we used? 135 bags of white + 15 bags of red stone!! The marble stone bag was very heavy. It was a good workout LOL!

We did very well…I think. We finished everything up within 2 hours. This area is about 400 sq.ft!!

Now all I need to is to add some green plants!






Apple TV


Apple TV is not a television that is made by Apple company. It is rather a streaming media box that allows you to transmit multimedia files, such as video clips, music mp3, and YouTube video, from your computer, iPhone, and iPad.

The 3rd generation of Apple TV has just released a few weeks ago. It is very similar to the 2nd generation, but it support high definition upto 1080p.

Luckily, I am able to own one of the new Apple TV by using my AMEX reward points to purchase. So, yeah…I got it for free!! You can buy one for $99. I really recommend the Apple TV for those who already own apple products like iPhone and iPad. It is convenient to stream or share the content on your mobile devices to the television. It is very tiny and easy to setup!



Cleaning Day


It’s time to clean up the exterior of the house by using power wash. It turned out not bad at all. The deck was also cleaned up. All I need to do is to stain it and hopefully I will look like new.

The garden was also cleaned up and ready to put landscape fabric. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the stone garden this weekend because Lowe’s couldn’t deliver my orders on Friday due to the storm. I will have to wait until Monday. :( The kids who are going to help me put the stones can work only on the weekend. So, we have to postpone it to the next week!

Let’s take a look at the pictures of what I have done so far with the house.







Stone Garden Project


I decided to clean up the garden. This is going to be my new project to create a stone garden. It looks pretty bad now. Luckily, I have helpers to finish the project with me. Tomorrow we are going to start killing weeds first, and then working on the project this weekend.

I stopped by Lowe’s a few times to look around and bought 150 bags of stones. I also picked up a few planters. I’m not sure at this point what I’m going to plant. I sketched some plans. We will have to see this weekend how things go.

20120321-200013.jpgPretty bad looking garden, huh?




Happy Enzo

Happy Enzo

Enzo has been with me for 4 years, and he is going to be 7 years old in November. He’s still a happy little chihuahua .. haha! Last time the vet said he looked like 2 years-old puppy.. awwww. He still enjoys having his pictures taken LOL! Take a look at my little puppy model. He’s so handsome!

A Play Date with Huskies


Akira and Sophie are Siberian Husky. Both are very smart and playful girls. I had a play date with them, and I had so much fun playing with both of them.

They are still babies, but they got pretty heavy paws. Don’t let that baby cutie faces fool you! They liked to play rough!

Sophie is very special because one side of her eyes is blue and another one is green. Here are some pictures of them below.




Should I Switch to a New Facebook Timeline?


I noticed several of my friends of Facebook are hesitate to switch their Facebook interface to a new Facebook Timeline. I certainly understand that most people are afraid of changes. They don’t’ like to learn how to operate all the new features and settings that Facebook has offered. They don’t want to feel frustrate because they cannot find things on the new interface.

From my point of view, the feel and look of the new interface is totally overwhelming, but it impresses me in a good way. I like the fact that the new interface is utilizing the space of the screen by diving the timeline into two columns (left and right side). Personal information, pictures, friends are better organized. Basically, the look has changed but it is somewhat very similar to the old interface. It is not too difficult to figure things out. I love the Cover Photo and Activity Log feature. For those who are not sure about the size of the cover photo, it is 850×315 px. The privacy setting has also been improved. You can manually configure your privacy setting for each post and it is very easy to do that.

Some examples of my Cover Photos are below. They placed very nicely on my FB profile page.

So if you ask me if you should switch it, of course, I’m going to say “YES, you should do it!” I have the introduction video from Facebook for you to watch. Take a look for yourself! I think later on all the FB users are forced to change it anyway. So, why wait for it? Let’s change it today!

Terminal 21


Terminal 21 is the Bangkok city’s newest shopping center which will take all shoppers on a journey to places around the world like London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Rome, Paris,and Hollywood. Terminal 21 is right next to the busy Asoke intersection, connected with the BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit stations.

Thanks to one o my friend who forwarded the email with a ton of pictures of Terminal 21, especially its restrooms. A few Thai friends have mentioned that Terminal 21 has several nice restaurants, but not so impressive retails shops. The most showcase of Terminal 21 is its over the top restroom decoration! The CNNGo also wrote an article about this place.

Let’s take a look! Please click on the picture below to view the photo gallery. Credit is on the pictures.

Greeting from Hawaii


Brandon traveled to Hawaii for work, but it was nice of him to send his friends a couple of scenery shots from where he stayed at. The pictures are so beautiful, aren’t they??!!??

I’ve never traveled to Hawaii, but it is always in my wish list haha!

Thanks for sharing, dear! :)