New Moon Sucked up $140.7 Million


I went to see New Moon movie last night because I couldn’t find a ticket on Friday. The tickets were sold out on Friday! It was still a full house on Sunday. The vampire romance “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” sucked up $140.7 million in its first three days and pulled in a total of $258.8 million worldwide, according to studio estimates Sunday. New Moon placed third on the all-time domestic chart behind last year’s $158.4 million opening weekend for the Batman blockbuster “The Dark Knight” and 2007′s $151.1 million haul for “Spider-Man 3.”


Here are my thoughts about the movie. First of all, I did not read any Stephenie Meyer’s novels. I read some bad reviews of the movie prior to see the movie. Personally, I didn’t it was that bad. I think it was very romance. Some scences were over done (too romantic haha.. almost throwing up because of what Edward said to Bella haha). The leading actors and the actress did pretty well. I thought Jacob was stealling a lot of scences in the movie!! With amazing Jacob’s 6 packs and shirtless for the entire movie, he easily can gain more fan club from the New Moon sequel.


Jacob was unreal!! hahaha! If you already watched Twilight last year, you really cannot miss New Moon. I gave 3 stars out of 5.