Let’s Take A Break MV


Here is the latest full MV of Let’s Take a Break  campaign which Nichkhun is the presenter for.


Ready For Love – The Official MV


After Tata Young’ s new MoV has released, people have discussed about the production a lot. It seemed like most Thai fan were not impressed with her new look and the MV. I’m some sort of agree with them. We all just hope it would come out better or more WOW factors.. I guess?


But… I still love her debut single!! I can’t wait for the next single!


Here is the official MV.


Ashley Tisdale vs. Tata Young


For those who don’t know Ashley Tisdale, she is one of rising Disney stars. You will see her in Suite Life sitcom and The High School Musical movie. She’s just released her new single called “Don’t Touch.” And if  you happen to know Tata Young, you will wonder why Ashley’s new song is the same as Tata Young’s Zoom (two years ago). Ashley is doing a cover version of Zoom. Which version do you like better? Of course, for me, Tata Young is the best! Can’t wait to listen to Tata’s new album!!


Take a look!


Single Ladies


One of the music video which people have been talking about. Single Ladies is Beyonce’s new second single. Take a look at YouTube videos below! People tried to imitate her in the MV. Justin Timberlake also did it too in the Saturday Night Live two weeks ago.

Original MV

Justin Timberlake Version

News about the MV