New Moon Sucked up $140.7 Million


I went to see New Moon movie last night because I couldn’t find a ticket on Friday. The tickets were sold out on Friday! It was still a full house on Sunday. The vampire romance “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” sucked up $140.7 million in its first three days and pulled in a total of $258.8 million worldwide, according to studio estimates Sunday. New Moon placed third on the all-time domestic chart behind last year’s $158.4 million opening weekend for the Batman blockbuster “The Dark Knight” and 2007′s $151.1 million haul for “Spider-Man 3.”


Here are my thoughts about the movie. First of all, I did not read any Stephenie Meyer’s novels. I read some bad reviews of the movie prior to see the movie. Personally, I didn’t it was that bad. I think it was very romance. Some scences were over done (too romantic haha.. almost throwing up because of what Edward said to Bella haha). The leading actors and the actress did pretty well. I thought Jacob was stealling a lot of scences in the movie!! With amazing Jacob’s 6 packs and shirtless for the entire movie, he easily can gain more fan club from the New Moon sequel.


Jacob was unreal!! hahaha! If you already watched Twilight last year, you really cannot miss New Moon. I gave 3 stars out of 5.

New Moon’s New Trailer


The New Moon (Twilight’s sequel) trailer has been premiere on Sunday during the MTV Video Music Award. Here is the latest trailer!



I got this synopsis below from the Twilight’s official YouTube:



In the second installment of Stephenie Meyers phenomenally successful TWILIGHT series, the romance between mortal and vampire soars to a new level as BELLA SWAN (Kristen Stewart) delves deeper into the mysteries of the supernatural world she yearns to become part of—only to find herself in greater peril than ever before.

Following Bellas ill-fated 18thbirthday party, EDWARD CULLEN (Robert Pattinson) and his family abandon the town of Forks, Washington, in an effort to protect her from the dangers inherent in their world. As the heartbroken Bella sleepwalks through her senior year of high school, numb and alone, she discovers Edwards image comes to her whenever she puts herself in jeopardy. Her desire to be with him at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risks.

With the help of her childhood friend JACOB BLACK (Taylor Lautner), Bella refurbishes an old motorbike to carry her on her adventures. Bellasfrozen heart is gradually thawed by her budding relationship with Jacob, a member of the mysterious Quileute tribe, who has a supernatural secret of his own.


When a chance encounter brings Bella face to face with a former nemesis, only the intervention of a pack of supernaturally large wolves saves her from a grisly fate, and the encounter makes it frighteningly clear that Bella is still in grave danger. In a race against the clock, Bella learns the secret of the Quileutes and Edwards true motivation for leaving her. She also faces the prospect of a potentially deadly reunion with her beloved that is a far cry from the one shed hoped for.


Twilight New Moon Poster


Just a few days ago, the Twilight’s second sequel released a new poster. Take a look!




Have you seen Twilight movie yet? If you have, you should watch the YouTube Clip below. It’s so funny!


My Mighty Princess


If you are a fan of “My Sassy Girl”, a Korean movie, you probably will love this movie. Although I never watch My Sassy Girl, I just find out that these two movies have the same director.

She look like Pucca (funny chinese cartoon character)

My Mighty Princess is a romantic/action/comedy. The story line is subtle enough to keep you interested. I love the special effects. I’m very impressive that actors and actresses are flying in the air without any stunts (for th most part). It becomes one of my favorite Korean movie ever!

This movie is about a girl, SohWi, who is inherit all the special martial art skills from her dad and mom. She’s inevitable! However, she wants to be just a normal girl. Can she pretend like she has no power? You have to watch!! SohWi (pronouce “So – Wee”…. what a cute name!

here is the trailer:


Elizabeth: The Golden Age


I had watched Elizabeth movie 10 years ago (1998). I fell in love with the movie back then, but I did not expect to feel the same way with its sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007). So, I didn’t make an attempt to see it in the movie theater until this weekend.

I started to watch the movie at the middle. At first, I thought to myself that I would watch it only a couple minute. But, then I realized that the movie was too good to change the channel … hahaha. I watched it through the end. Plus, I waited for the re-run on the Pacific time zone, so I could catch the beginning part.

This sequel is as good as the prequel!! It focuses on the part that Spanish tried to invade England. Cate Blanchett is so beautiful and perfect for the role. She didn’t look older from the prequel in 1998 at all…. unbelievable!

For those who like watch based-on historic movies, you cannot miss this movie. You don’t need to watch its prequel, but very recommended.

Chihuahuas Rule 2 Weeks Straight


Wow…. this is the second week on the first spot for the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. They have made about 52 million dollars for 10 days.

This movie is produced by Walt Disney and all about chihuahuas! I haven’t seen this movie yet, bu I might go to see it tomorrow night. Can I bring Enzo too? hahaha I better not… because he would bark for the entire movie. Every time the commercial of this movie was on the TV, he would jump up and down and bark so loud. I’m not sure if he liked them or hate them. Enzo should be proud for them, right?

Alice in Wonderland 2010


Alice in wonderland is a classic. Everybody must read the book or see the move. There are so many versions, but in 2010 we will see Tim Burton’s version. For those who don’t know Tim Burton’s work, think “DARK”! HAHAHA… He have very strong visual when it comes to his movie style.

His examples of well-known works include:

  • Edward Scissorhands
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

So, his dark, scary, mysterious work will give Alice in wonderland an interesting twist because we all know that Alice in wonderland is about kid’s adventures (just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I found this movie a bit scary… LOL). Of course, Johnny Depp will be in this movie too.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

He’s just started the production and announced that Ann Hathaway will join the cast as White queen.

The crews are:

Can’t wait to see it!

Harry Potter – The Half-Blood Prince


อาทิตย์นี้ ตัวอย่างหนังของ Harry Potter ภาคใหม่ได้ออกมาแล้วนะครับ เอารูปไปชมอุ่นเครื่องก่อนหนังเข้าฉายจริงกันได้เลย

Harry Potter - Half-Blood Prince    Harry Potter

Harry Potter    Harry Potter

และข้างล่างนี่คือ Trailer นะครับ


Hellboy – Not So Strong…


This weekend I had a chance to go to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Once again a very good performance by Ron Perlman as Hellboy. Selma Blair’s never been this beautiful! The story was good and had all the excitement like the first part. I was really enjoy watching it.

hellboy II

I couldn’t help but noticing that the movie thearther was not packed like the other big movies’ opening weekend. It was OK, but I thought it would be more people who were interested in this movie. So, this morning I went to Yahoo Movie and check the top box office. Although Hellboy is number one, it made only about 36M. Handock in the second week made 33M. I guess… Hellboy II were not doing so good in the past weekend. Basing on all the positive reviews, people might go to see this movie weeks after the opening.. maybe?? Hellboy is one of the big sumer movie and you cannot just miss it if you love seeing action movies with a lot of special FX.