Hurricane GUSTAV


GUSTAV has been declared as a Hurricane!!. For SURE… GUSTAV is coming to the Gulf of Mexico!! Hmmmm, please please please keep going WEST!! The projected path looks no good for Mobile at all. High wind and lot of rain can be definitely expected in the next few days. 5-days prediction and warning have been announced. The landfall will be expected on Monday at 8AM. I’m in the danger zone!! OMG!! We will not know where the GUSTAV will be landed. In my opinion, with statistical records, it SHOULD land to New Orleans on the Labor day (September 1st)! Please don’t even come close to Biloxi… moving toward Texas would be nice!

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8 Gold Medals, 8 world records


Yesss.. he did it!

Michael Phelps become a superstar now at the Olympic Games in Beijing. He’s the hottest man in the US. at this moment. I’ve never had a chance to watch him swim at the Olympic until Friday night. I was witnessing his 7th gold medal triumph. It was unbelievable.

I just learned that he won another gold medal with his teammate on the 4x100m madley relay. So, he broke the record once again (all his previous seven winnings set the world records), and he is becoming the US’s most won gold medals at the Olympic Games. Congratulations to him! He really did make America proud. Well… although I am not an American, I’m a fan of swimming sport. I have to say he’s really good considering he’s only 23 years old!!



I’ve just received email from Jane. I’ve known that she’s been pregnant since her 10-week, but I just had a chance to see her baby picture! Well.. although it’s just ultrasound pictures, it’s pretty amazing…

The picture above is his/her 20 week picture. I use “his/her” because Jane and Adam don’t want to find out the baby’s gender. Jane’s supposed to deliver the baby around Christmas and they thought this would be a great and exciting present for them. I think its such a great idea! 

You can see baby’s hands and feet. That’ pretty amazing!  My continued thoughts and prayers go to both Jane and Adam. Can’t wait to see the baby. He/she is going to be adorable!!

Beijing 2008 Olympic


เสียดายจังอยู่ที่ทำงานไม่มีโอกาสได้ดู Live แต่ไม่เป็นไร รู้สึกว่า ช่อง NBC จะเอามาฉายคืนนี้ น่าดูๆๆ เห็นรูปแล้วตื่นตาตื่นใจดีเหมือนกัน

งามแท้ๆ :mrgreen:

Fish Spa


I read an article on Yahoo a couple month ago about using some fish in the spa business. It’s pretty cool idea, but it’s kind of sick too. Last night Matthew (he’s currently working for his sister’s nail and spa business in Mobile) came by and asked if I have seen any Fish Spa before. I told him that I read about it, but I have never seen any picture or video clip. So, we looked it up on YouTube. It was freaky….

They (dermatologists) claimed that it’s safe for doing that, but the business owners might need to make sure the water is clean. Fish will nibble your dead skin as their food. OK? People have been eating fish too much, now it’s their turn???

Fish Spa

The process is fairly simple. Most of spas will use fish to do the pedicure and manicure for clients. They will wash customer’s feet/hands first and let them enjoy the fish by stepping in to the pool or tub. Hundreds of fish will jump on you and eat your skin out! hahahaha… 😀

Fish Spa

Watch the real action from YouTube below

David Archuleta’s Vlog


It’s great to see him again. I’ve not followed his news for the past few months. I’m sure he’s pretty busy with fan and tour. I found his video blog on YouTube and would like to share with you. He’s been grown up, but still look likea 15-year old boy 😆

I wish his album would have come out SOONER!!




Russian Market in Peking, China


One of our neighbor (in Bangkok) sent her daughter to Peking to study Chinese, and she asked my mom if she wanted to go with her. My mom has never visited Peking, so she decided to go. She just flew back home last night and she called me to let me know she safely arrived home. We did talked briefly about her trip.

I asked her about Peking…”what did it look like?”

She said.. “Oh My God… Peking is just another big city like Bangkok, New York, etc. There were a lot of skyscrapers, traffics, crowds, etc.”

“Did you go shopping a lot?”, I asked.

“Yes”, she replied. She added that everything was so cheap like you wouldn’t believe. She did briefly mentioned about “Russian Market.”

“Wait a minute… I thought you went to China.”, I asked.

“No… this Russian market is in Peking… I’m not sure why they called that”, she replied with laughs.

She bought several coats, jackets, pajamas, and couple Coach handbags. She said that Russian market was crazy. Once you got it, they would locked you down and wouldn’t let you go until you made a purchase.

I’m thinking in my head.. hmm.. that sounds like Russian (being locked down in the country — no offense.. you know what I mean? But, that’s just my thought).

Yabalu (Russian Market) :
The Russian Market is on the west wide of Ritan Park (Temple of the Sun Park). This is where you’ll find fur coats, clothing, hats, bras, toys, bathing suits, and more “stuff” than you can imagine — all destined for Russia in bulk quantities. –

She had a good time with bargaining the price. There was one shop that she bargained from 1,000 Chinese dollars down to only “3 Chinese dollars.” Yes.. that’s the correct number — it’s only one digit price! She was amazed that the lady would sell a nice coat for that price.

I’m glad that she had a good time. I’m sorry that she missed me and my sister since we hadn’t talked for 9 days. I missed her too! Now, Peking has just been added to my wish list. :mrgreen:

National Grand Theater, Peking

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