My D5000 Came Home Yesterday


I think I forgot to post a blog about the latest Nikon’s Service Advisory regarding to D5000. Nikon has recalled those Nikon D5000 which have the serial numbers in the batch that they have announced on the web.


If you have just purchased D5000, please check on Nikon web page here. And, if you are lucky enough like me, then you will have to mail the camera back to them. Of course, Nikon will responsible for everything including shipping costs. Wheww.. I’m glad that Nikon has stepped up and admitted the issue. It’s great that Nikon are willing to fix and solve all the issues.


I shipped my camera about a week ago and got it back yesterday. It took them about 5-7 business day to check, fix, and ship it back to me. Awesome!!!  I will post new pictures taken by D5000 soon.