Life without the Internet


Recently, I have just moved to start my new life but stay in the same career. It has been such an interesting experience dealing with packing my stuff, having the house ready to list on the market, finding the mover and an apartment. It was a lot to process! So stressful!

The mover hasn’t contacted me yet. They definitely are not on time!! Nobody hasn’t provided me with the status. All I can do is to pray that they will get here soon!

The apartment offers free wifi in common areas but still I have a hard time connecting to it. When I’m in my room, there is no way to access any wifi spots. As now, I’m writing this blog post through my iPhone. Hopefully, AT&T will help me setup everything tomorrow. One problem though… I don’t have a television for them to setup :(

I love the amenities in this apartment complex. Everything is brand-new and top of the line. I just went to the gym this evening. Nobody was there. I felt like I was the first one who used the machines. I love it! I need to try the swimming pool and hot tub too.