GEE MV with Sub Narok


Here is another MV with funny Thai sub. This song is called Gee by Girl Generation. They are even singing in Thai language. OMG .. this is just too funny.


KBS World Radio with 2PM


Three members from 2PM (Jaebeom, Nichkhun, and TaecYeon) went to an interview session at the KBS World Radio station. The interview was on May 31 and it was in English… so enjoy!



Again and Again


Here is the latest MV from 2PM – Again and Again song under “Time for Change” album.  Awesome!!



Everybody has CHANGED!! Umm I’m not sure about Nichkhun’s new hairstyle though… What’s up with that!

2PM Performed Nobody


I have posted a few entries about 2PM. When I posted it, I had to admit that I really did not know much about this 2PM band.


I thought it’s just another korean boyband. However, a few weeks ago I just found out that one of the 2PM members is Thai, named Nichkhun. I know .. I know.. it’s a bit too late to know this fact. Well, I’m not in Thailand!! I’m pretty much into Korean series and OST music, and maybe a few Korean singers.  Anyway, in this post I wan to share a video clip of 2PM singing Nobody song at the radio station. I will post more entries about 2PM and Nichkhun later on. But, for today, let’s see another version of “Wonder Boys”!!

 OH.. sorry.. Nichkhun didn’t participate on this performance. I promise.. I will post more entires about our Thai boy who has become popular in Korean now.. Go Khunnie! Go Khuunie!


Wonder Girls: The First Wonder


As you know, Wonder Girls just had a live concert in Bangkok last week. 2PM band did the opening for WG. Here are a few pictures from the first wonder concert.


Source: Pantip Cafe (Click for more pictures)

Wonder Boys


I have posted a few blog entries about Wonder Girls, and one blog entry about Wonder Baby. Now, it’s time to see Wonder Boys!


Wonder Girls vs. 2PM

Wonder Girls performing the tango version with 2PM and an unexpected disco version which was pretty awesome. Purple salsa outfits were cool. Superb overall and deserving of the Best Female Group Award.

Wonder Baby vs. Wonder Girls


A few months back, I posted Wonder Girls’ MV This time, Wondr Girls found a yong competitor,named Wonder Baby.. haha

She’s so CUTE! How many scores would you give her?