My Mighty Princess


If you are a fan of “My Sassy Girl”, a Korean movie, you probably will love this movie. Although I never watch My Sassy Girl, I just find out that these two movies have the same director.

She look like Pucca (funny chinese cartoon character)

My Mighty Princess is a romantic/action/comedy. The story line is subtle enough to keep you interested. I love the special effects. I’m very impressive that actors and actresses are flying in the air without any stunts (for th most part). It becomes one of my favorite Korean movie ever!

This movie is about a girl, SohWi, who is inherit all the special martial art skills from her dad and mom. She’s inevitable! However, she wants to be just a normal girl. Can she pretend like she has no power? You have to watch!! SohWi (pronouce “So – Wee”…. what a cute name!

here is the trailer: