Irene Made Landfall

Irene Made Landfall

Since Hurricane Ike slammed into the Texas coast on Sept. 13, 2008, causing the biggest loss of power in the state’s history, Hurricane Irene is the first hurricane that made landfall in the US. this year. In fact, category-1 Hurricane Irene just made landfall in North Carolina this evening. That’s a lot better than what has been predicted. I mean.. it could have been worse. Now, NYC is threatened as it could be on the Hurricane Irene’s path. Hopefully, it will be weakened or at least stay as category 1 hurricane. Hope everyone stays dry and be safe!

Take a look at Hurricane Irene Photos by Yahoo News


Hurricane Ida Update


According to WIKI, Hurricane Ida is the ninth tropical storm and third hurricane of the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season. Ida rapidly strengthened from when it formed to its landfall. Hurricane Ida developed shortly after noon (EDT) on November 4 as a tropical depression.


Now, Ida is heading to Gulf coast!! Mobile is one of the cities in Ida’s storm predicted path. I don’t think it’s as serious as it could have been due to the water in the Gulf Mexico is getting cooler.



As Hurricane Ida approaches the region late Monday night and into Tuesday,winds will begin to increase.

We will also have the potential for low end tropical storm force winds in portions of southeastern Alabama and southwestern Georgia.


The National Hurricane Center’s forecast on late Sunday afternoon called for Ida’s track to take a north bend south of Mobile Bay early Tuesday for a possible landfall near Pensacola late morning to around midday on Tuesday.



The First Hurricane of The 2009


The news has reported that over the Atlantic, Hurricane Bill formed early Monday. The storm had maximum sustained winds near 75 mph that were expected to gain speed and top 110 mph. Hurricane Bill becomes the first hurricane of the 2009 Atlantic season and is expected to become a major storm in the next few days. Hm… well.. I hope NOT!



Source: ABC News