A New Bird Species Found in Laos



The picture of bird above I got from Yahoo News page. A new bird species called the ‘Bare-faced Bulbul’, discovered in the Savannakhet province in central Laos, is seen in this December 5, 2008 handout photograph. An odd-looking bald songbird has been discovered in a rugged region of Laos, the first find of this kind in Asia for more than a century, said by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). Scientists from the WCS and University of Melbourne, who found the bird, said this was the only example of a bald songbird in mainland Asia and the first new species of bulbul — a family of about 130 species — discovered in Asia in over 100 years.


The bird looks like Enzo, doesn’t it? HAHAHA



Picnic with Enzo


During the afternoon Enzo loved to go outside and sat on the deck for sunbathing. He was so happy to have my carpet laid on the deck for him. I was trying to dry my carpet -_-” hahaha.


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Then when he got inside he wanted to play fetch!




After playing fetch, then he got tired and watched TV with me.



New Trick


I’ve been training Enzo a new trick for a few days and now he is getting better. The trick is that when I say “Bang!” , he would lay down on the side and act as if somebody shot him down and he were dying… Ha Ha Ha.. Although it sounds brutal, it was pretty entertaining for me to watch LOL. Enzo does a very good job. It’s just a fun trick. It was hard for me to train him laying down on the side because Enzo can do roll over and he kept doing this roll over trick. However, Enzo made it through. He could lay down on the side and stay for three seconds.





And, for me, the cutest thing  for Enzo to do is to make his own bed when he’s going to sleep. While I’m working on my desk, he will cover his body with his two blankets, poke his head out, and watch me.


For real… he always makes his own bed. Two blankets are not even on top each other at first. Sometimes he even moved the whole seat down and dragged it to somewhere else in the living room.  He’s little crazy, isn’t he?

We Miss Our Little Friend


How are you, our little friend – Bobo? We missed having him stay over in our house!! Brandon told me that Bobo is doing well. It’s great to hear that.


Enzo has woke up around 3AM every morning for the past two weeks.. What’s up with that? I wish I could just switch Bobo to Enzo when Brandon came to pick up Bobo… LOL hahaha. Oh well…let’s take a look at his cute shots.


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Lean Like A Cholo


Have you ever heard this song – “Lean Like A Cholo”? I remembered that I learned the word – Cholo from the song. I had to ask Brandon what it meant. Cholo is a slang term used to describe someone who has Mexican background and acts or looks tough like a gangster. You can read more definition about the word from Wiki.

Here is the MV of Lean Like A Cholo from YouTube:

Do you like the song? I just LOVE it! This song sang by Kilo.

Now, take a look at Enzo! Enzo is leaning like a CHOLO!



BenZo – The Dogsitter


As you know, we have a guest, Bobo, to stay with us during the Christmas Holidays. We are so happy to spend incredible time with him. He’s such a sweet dog. He looks like a cute puppy to everyone.

Today, we also have a new family Amigurumi member to welcome. His name is Ben-Zo. He is well known as a Sleepy Cat – Amineko. Everyone who loves Amigurumi should know Amineko. Google it, if you don’t!

His main responsibility in the house is to entertain our guest, Bobo. He will keep Bobo company, sleep next to him, play with him, and put him to bed. So far, he did pretty well. Everybody… please welcome our “BenZo”…

He looks a bit tough, huh?

He’s rubbing Bobo’s tummy

He lets Bobo sleep on his arm.

He makes himself a side pillow just for Bobo.

My favorite picture – Three boys, three corners!

He also makes sure Enzo is sleeping well.



We have a guest to stay over for several nights over the Christmas holidays. His name is “Bo-Bo.” He’s very very tiny!! Don’ t let his size fool you. He is a grown man with a big attitude. Enzo has to give him some respect. He’s about six years old and of course chihuahua!



Merry Christmas 2008!!

After Halloween


Last night Gift and I went to Walmart to get some stuff and we bought one costume and one sweater for Enzo. The costume costed 7 bucks and the sweater was 10 bucks. We knew Enzo has been getting bigger, but we weren’t sure what size he was. So, we bought Medium size for him.

When we came home and tried the costumes on him, it appeared that Medium was too big for him. We could tell he didn’t like them because they were too big on him. The hood would cover his eyes. Arms are too long…

So, today we go back to Walmart. We want to exchange them. We are so happy to find out that costumes for dog are 50% off!!!! Yahoooo… That means all the costumes are only $3.50. That’s very good price! We decided to buy two of them in Small size. They are Bee and Lady bug costume. Take a look! They are so cute!!

Enzo’s Wardrope


Here are some outfits from Enzo’s wardrobe. Gift and I were trying to put them on, and we found out that most of them couldn’t fit him anymore!! He’s pretty upset when we were trying to pull and push his legs…hahaha.  I guess we might need to give him a new make over for his coming up birthday, November 11th.

No.. these are not kid’s outfits… hahaha…They are for Enzo!

Which one you like the most? I like the sweater with the hoodie!

Chihuahuas Rule 2 Weeks Straight


Wow…. this is the second week on the first spot for the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. They have made about 52 million dollars for 10 days.

This movie is produced by Walt Disney and all about chihuahuas! I haven’t seen this movie yet, bu I might go to see it tomorrow night. Can I bring Enzo too? hahaha I better not… because he would bark for the entire movie. Every time the commercial of this movie was on the TV, he would jump up and down and bark so loud. I’m not sure if he liked them or hate them. Enzo should be proud for them, right?