While searching for a new cooking knife and other cool kitchen gadgets, I found an interesting knife’s name, called Santoku. At first I thought it was a Japanese chef’s name who invented the knife, but with my curiosity I googled it and found more details about it.


Basically, santoku is a Japanese word translated as “three good things” or “three uses.” It’s a reference to the knife’s three cutting tasks such as slicing, dicing, and mince. Another word, santokuo is a general-purpose kitchen knife.


What the differences between regular knife and santoko knife?¬†¬†Santoko is a modified Western chef’s knife. It’s shorter than most chef’s knives, thinner blade made of harder tempered steel, and thinner edge profile angle. There are some other modifications of the basic santoku originated from Japan. You might see some santoku knifes with some piercings or holes through the blade as well as different patterns of surface though out the body of the blade.

Source: I summerized the definition from Wiki