A Box in a Cloud

A Box in a Cloud

Many people send an e-mail with an attached file to themselves for storage purposes. This has become old-fashioned. Storing files in a cloud has become popular and much easier. Thanks to Dropbox cloud services for giving away 2 GB storage space for users. And, thanks to Box.net for offering 5 Gb storage space. Both services are FREE!! But, of course, you can upgrade the services if you need more storage.


Now, the question is…which one is better? Dropbox vs. Box.net!

I’ve been using Dropbox for over a year while using Box.net only a few months. I like them both. I can access to my files on both of cloud services via my mobile devices. They are pretty easy to use. I prefer Box.net over Dropbox because Box.net offers more storage. And, Box.net offers a plug-in for Microsoft Office suite. You can directly upload a file through Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This is very convenient!

I still use both of them. If you really are interested in comparing between both services, I found a website that provides you a very detailed information. The author broke down the comparison into several interesting points, such as file restrictions, team collaboration, and enhanced features. Click here to view the article.