Bread Making

Bread Making

This was my first attempt to make bread without a bread maker machine or even a Kitchen Aid Mixer! I found several recipe wrote in Thai. Some of them said that using the machine was unnecessary. So, I thought I would give it a shot and made pigs in a blanket! A good thing about making bread was lesser ingredients than baking cakes.

Bread flour 150 g
Cake flour 100 g
Dry yeast 1 teaspoon
Sugar 35 g
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Dry milk 20 g
Warm water 150 g
Egg 1
Butter (unsalt) 35 g
hot dogs

Let’s see how it turned out!

Mix everything together and let it sit for an hour

Only 8-10 min in the oven

Applied butter on them


Not bad for a newbie like me!

Ingredients for bread making were not a lot, but it took a half day to prepare it. So, maybe it would make the whole process a lot easier if I had a bread maker machine! I should get one huh? LOL!