Beijing or Peking?


Do you know where Beijing is located in China? Do you know where Peking is located in China? I got confused by both city names. Do you have any idea that these two cities are the same city. Both name, Beijing and Peking, are alternatively used. Based on Wikipedia, Beijing is one f the four great ancient capitals of China located in north. Beijing has been known in English as Peking.

Now, I know my mom just visited Beijing where the Olympic 2008 will be held!! Duhh!! 😳

Beijing Olympic 2008 Mascots

There are so many cool looking buildings in Beijing. On the Yahoo’s News photo, I saw the new China Central Television HQ building. It is very awesome looking.

The new China Central Television headquarters building is seen ...
CCT HQ Building

Let’s take a look at other Beijing Architechtures

FILE ** In this April 18, 2008 file photo, two Olympic venues, ...

The National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)

The Bird Nest National Stadium lit up for a rehearsal of the ...In this photo released by the Beijing Tourism Administration, ...Fireworks are set off during a rehearsal of the opening ceremony ...
The Bird Nest National Stadium (this will be used for the Olympic Games)

Cleaners stand in water as they scrub the outside of the National ...
The National Grand Theater (Egg Building)