The latest product and services provided by AT&T (one of the major cell phone network operator in the US) has been released. It is MicroCell.  Basically, you will get a device called “Femtocell” that will allow you to use your land-based broadband internet connection (that you pay another company for) to make calls and use data on your cell phone.


So,… what exactly Femtocell is?


Think of Femtocell as WiFi router!! They are similar, but of course different technologies. According to Airvana, the Femtocell is like a Wi-Fi access point, but specially designed for cell phones; it uses a low-power integrated antenna to transmit voice and data cellular signals within a home or small office. It connects to your mobile operator’s network through your broadband Internet connection. 

Unlike WiFi, these devices use licenced radio spectrum, so must be operated and controlled by a mobile phone company. Thus it will work with only one mobile phone operator, and thus encourages all users in a household to switch to the same network operator.


With AT&T 3G MicroCell, the users will experience full 3G service at home. What are the benefits? When making phone calls through 3G MicroCell, your airtime minute will not be counted. That means you can make unlimited phone calls, plus you don’t need to worry about “dead zone” in your house. If you have other 3G device available, such as iPhone and Netbook, you can even use 3G to browse the Internet.


AT&T will offer this MicroCell service for either$10 or $20 a month depending upon your service plan. So.. what do you think? Like it?