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Sorry to all visitors!! I’m experiencing some difficulty and trying to maintain the web site. Hopefully, it will back up and run normally soon.

Worms Attacked PHP


Users and Webmasters watch out those worms. They keep attacking all the index.php files.



Now, I don’t have any solution to prevent these worms. This is vey annoying. I have to check my website regularly and replace the new files to the server.


I’m so sorry for any inconvenience.



Hi all visitors!! If you don’t mind, please sign my guestbook and tell me what you think about my website. My website has been growing. I start to have visitors come from many places. It would be nice to hear some feedback from you guys. I would be appreciated. Thank you!

Happy Chinese New Year 2009


Tomorrow is a Chinese New Year. I wish you all wealthy,healthy, and happiness. It’s an Ox year. Good things will come to all of you!!



Can you read those chinese characters? LOL

New Look


How do you like the website’s new look? I like this template very much. I can do so much customization on the template. Actually, the reason I changed the look because my website has been attacked again. This time, I was be able to indicate or find out what the problem was.


I did some research on it. It has been spreading to a lot of website which is constructed by PHP, Blog template, etc. It will attack only “index” file which is the main page. It will embedded some kind of Javascript to redirect the page to 7speed.info or 7addition.info. Don’t go to these websites. Although both of websites have been shutdown, the script embedded into all my index files were still affected.  So, basically, I had to go through the entire server and made sure I re-uploaded all the index files including the blog templates.


Anyhow, if anybody is experiencing the same problem that I had, don’t panic. Just re-upload all your index files. That seems to be easy solution for me rather than go through the HTML code and try to delete crappy Javascript.


Hope you like my new template! (I shouldn’t say “my” template” … it’s a free-download template I got from wordpress.org)

Golffy’s BlogTV


Blogging is taking another step, adopting real-time technology, to make it more interesting. I know we have Vlog (using video for blogging), but now we have BlogTV. It’s sharing the same concept of using web cam or video clips to blog, but the difference is that you can blog LIVE on BlogTv.

Hmm… this could be fun! umm…I’m not used to talk to myself or be on webcam with a lot of people. So, I’m thinking about doing the BlogTv for my family and friends who live in Thailand and other countries – at least for now. 😆

It’s free and easy to setup an account. Everybody has a web cam nowsday. You can also record your show, schedule your show, and even feed live video to the audience.  If you already have an account, don’t forget to add me. I’m using “golffy” – http://www.blogtv.com/People/golffy

I don’t have a recorded or live show yet. I guess I’m not quite ready to do that.. 😛 . But, I’ll keep you posted when I’m going to go Live on BlogTv. Now, share your ideas to me!

Register at Golffy.com


It’s easy and fast.  Just go to


Or, you can click at “Add Comment”, it will ask you to login. Then, you can click the Register link. Once you click the Register button, a password will be sent to your email. Just verify your registration.  That’s it!

So,  you can share your ideas, comments, and thoughts with me and other people.

Come on everyone and visitors! Don’t forget to register.

E71 – Very NOKIA, Very IKEA


I would like to Introduce NOKIA E71, my new awaiting cell phone.

E71 review images

NOKIA E71 from AllAboutSymbian.com

I know.. it’s very similar to Blackberry, but it’s more classy, slimmer, cooler, and more stunning features! It already arrives to the US. It comes with two colors – white/steel and gray/steel. I’m getting the white one!

Why wouldn’t I buy iPhone? Hmmm.. i feel like iPhone has more drawbacks when it comes to functions I’m considering to purchase a cellphone. E71 has everything iPhone offers except, of course, multi-touchscreen and big screen cool looking icons and interfaces. In contrast, iPhone misses A LOT of features which E71 offers, such as an easy email setup for most ISPs (Yahoo & Hotmail), switching mode for work or home screen setting profile, speech technology (read texts out loud for you), Quickoffice (edit, write, & read documents), and many more.

Nokia E71 side view

Nokia E71 side view (from infosyncworld.com)

I’m looking for a cellphone which does handle business purposes while has abilities to handle multimedia for sometimes. E71 seems to fit my purpose. Did I tell you E71 is very slim? Yes… only 10mm.!! I like the design in the back too. I had already watched reviews about Nokia E71 from YouTube and very pleased from what I had watched. One of the video review clip mention that “E71 is very Nokia, very IKEA” … and I agree!

You can read a review from allaboutsymbian website.


Visit Nokia E71 WordPress Blog

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Starting All Over


Is it better to start all over or keep pushing it? I’m talking about my dissertation. That’s right… I have puased my dissertation way too long. It’s hard to revisit what I’ve left of. It might be better off to start fresh, and I hope I’m making the right decision Ha ha.

The new research area which I will be working on is the comparison of 2D and 3D graphs – to investigate which one is more effective. Does embollishment play a role in graphical presentation?

I’m not looking for the most significant research study. I guess this topic will do for me.. hahaha. And, I hope I can keep it going. I don’t have much time left and I really really want to graduate!