Kris is a New American Idol Winner


Oh yeah… dark horse is a winner!! I’m so happy for Kris. Now, he’s the American Idol season 8 winner!!


Voting for Kris Allen


After watching the American Idol show tonight, I definitely am voting for Kris Allen.


Vote Vote Vote!


FAQ about Kris

Kristopher Neil Allen
1. Born June 21st, 1985
2. Grew up in Jacksonville, Arkansas but now lives in Conway
3. Attended College Station Elementary, Fuller Junior High, and Mills University Studies High School as a student in the gifted and talented program
4. Leads worship at New Life Churches in Central Arkansas and is a member of Chi Alpha at the University of Central Arkansas
5. Missionary work in the following countries: Morocco, Spain, Mozambique, South Africa, Thailand, and Burma
6. Can play a variety of instruments, including the guitar, piano, viola, and ukulele
7. Started playing the viola in 4th grade, became All-State in high school and received opportunities to play in college orchestras, but declined
8. Fan of the Packers and the Braves, and even played varsity baseball throughout high school
9. Married to Katy Allen, a former homecoming queen at the University of Arkansas
10. Kris is a business major at the UCA
11. One sibling, Daniel, a cheerleader UCA
12. Has a shetland sheepdog named Elvis (well, at least his mom and dad, Kim and Neil, do)
13. Has one less rib that had to be surgically removed in junior high

American Idol Season 8


This is the first time that I haven’t been watching American Idol at all in season 8. Today is its Finale. Should I miss it? Hehehehe… Hmmm who’s going win between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. I heard over the news that Simon is rooting for Adam.


Adam Lambert (left) and Kris Allen (right)


I’m going for the opposite side of Simon’s pick. I’m cheering for Kris then hahaha.

David Archuleta’s Vlog


It’s great to see him again. I’ve not followed his news for the past few months. I’m sure he’s pretty busy with fan and tour. I found his video blog on YouTube and would like to share with you. He’s been grown up, but still look likea 15-year old boy 😆

I wish his album would have come out SOONER!!




Laughing with Archie


I love every interview that David Archuletat has been giving. It’s hilarious! Dang It! Watch the Access Hollywood interview below. You will laugh and see how genuine and humble he is.

David Archuleta’s been robbed!


What a shock season finale for the American Idol!! I still cannot believe that David Cook won the title.

Oh well.. for sure..this is just a beginning of the singing career for our David Archuleta. Congratulations to both Davids. It was fun to watch this season and this is the only season that I have been watching every week since the beginning.

Keep singing D.A.!


Don’t Forget To VOTE!


I just can’t wait to watch the American Idol tonight. It brings down to two contestants Davids. We have David Archuleta and David Cook. Who’s going to be the next American Idol 2008? We’ll see!

Actually, I’m not quite a fan of American Idol at all. I’m used to watch the show on the last two weeks episode or the finale.

David Archuleta!


He’s going to be the next American Idol!!