2PM Performed Nobody


I have posted a few entries about 2PM. When I posted it, I had to admit that I really did not know much about this 2PM band.



I thought it’s just another korean boyband. However, a few weeks ago I just found out that one of the 2PM members is Thai, named Nichkhun. I know .. I know.. it’s a bit too late to know this fact. Well, I’m not in Thailand!! I’m pretty much into Korean series and OST music, and maybe a few Korean singers.  Anyway, in this post I wan to share a video clip of 2PM singing Nobody song at the radio station. I will post more entries about 2PM and Nichkhun later on. But, for today, let’s see another version of “Wonder Boys”!!

 OH.. sorry.. Nichkhun didn’t participate on this performance. I promise.. I will post more entires about our Thai boy who has become popular in Korean now.. Go Khunnie! Go Khuunie!