Let’s Take A Break


I’ve been so busy for the past weeks. That’s why I couldn’t keep up with my blog. I need a break. So, I’m planning to take a break next month. It’s not a long break – rather get away weekend. ..Whoo hoo!  I’m planning to go to Utah to visit a friend there.


Speaking of taking a break. Did you see new Thailand tourism commercial yet? They have Nichkhun as our presenter. The commercial looks so cool!! Take a look



Here are some photo shoots



20090729_nichkhun_0820090729_nichkhun_0420090729_nichkhun_05Let’s take a break and come to Thailand!!

2PM – I Hate You


No.. No.. I don’t HATE 2PM! 2PM started to release the next single called “I hate You.” I like this song too. Take a look at their performance!


KBS World Radio with 2PM


Three members from 2PM (Jaebeom, Nichkhun, and TaecYeon) went to an interview session at the KBS World Radio station. The interview was on May 31 and it was in English… so enjoy!



Nichkhun in Mai and Christina Concert

It has been confirmed that Nichkhun 2PM will come as a guest in Mai and Christina Concert in Bangkok! Wow.. it’s going to be very interesting!!
There is another funny claim that Nichkhun will come to visit BKK because he will come and kick some one’s ass (whoever created the new Again and Again MV with the funny Thai sub). Haha!

Update Nichkhun


Take a look at some of update Nichkhung’s clips fromYouTube.


Lady Gagga dance?


Nichkhun on a date





Nichkhun on the Runway


Nichkhun modeled on the runway for a famous Korean fashion designer, Andre Kim. He was on the run with his old pal from 2AM (Seulong). Those clothes are awesome!! Nichkhun looked like a prince as Korean people are calling him. These pictures are taken from the Internet, blogs, and news. The credits are on the picture itself.


[imagebrowser id=10]

Welcome Back 2PM


2PM performed their new single, Again and Again, on April 23rd. They are so awesome. Take a look for yourself.



2PM fan club is so nice. I love their shoes though.. hahaha

Again and Again


Here is the latest MV from 2PM – Again and Again song under “Time for Change” album.  Awesome!!



Everybody has CHANGED!! Umm I’m not sure about Nichkhun’s new hairstyle though… What’s up with that!

2PM is Back!


2PM has just released a teaser for upcoming second album, “Again and Again”, in April.



Ohhh.. it’s going to be a lot of cool moves and choreography.


Here is another preview YouTube video. It says that new single debut is 04.16.2009


Girls Generation – Gee MV


K-pop girl band release the second album with a new hot hit single, “Gee”. This song is getting more popular!! The dance move and everything aren’t bad neither. They all are so cute when they sing and dance “Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee…. ” hahaha


They even do the commercial with 2PM. Both bands are models for the Elite Uniform.


Let’s learn how to dance on this song with “Nobita” hahahaha. 2PM had joined the dance (Nichkhun, Chansung, and WooYoung).