Water Simulation

Year: 2004

Synopsis: The Water Simulation was the first simulation that the Readiness Support had produced. The simulation allows the learners to work through a problem-based scenario. The learners go through all the phases of water distribution process based on the given scenario and decision-making points. The resource tools are provide as decision-making aids. The simulation is intended to enhance the learners’ knowledge and skills through pedagogical advisor and metacognitive strategy. The learners receive a debriefing based on their performance at the end of training.

Target Audience: Water Team, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers


  • Served as Project Lead to design and develop the algorithm for the simulation
  • Design the program interface and developed the simulation using Macromedia Authorware
  • Assisted in editing video and audio clips
  • Developed graphics, animation, and other media files
  • Designed and developed assessment system for the simulation
  • Worked with subject-mater experts to develop the scenario