Year: 2013

Synopsis: I was responsible for overseeing the quality of the Information Technology Management online program. I worked collaboratively with the faculty to design and develop a Master course for ISM 4212 (Database and Physical Design). The faculty had never worked with an ID. I provided guidance and support to the faculty to develop a high-quality course, emphasizing the course alignment with the program, course, and module-level objectives, promoting authentic assignments, utilizing free-access educational resources, providing appropriate rubrics, and providing the implementation plan for various course delivery modes (face-to-face, blended, and fully online). To expedite the production timeline for completing the development of the Information Technology online program, I served as a Lead ID, working and overseeing a team of ID contractors throughout the process.

Target Audience: Students in the Information Technology Management Bachelor’s program


  • Managed the project from its inception to completion
  • Worked collaboratively with the faculty throughout the development process
  • Promoted free-access and open educational resources
  • Assisted in designing assignments and assessments
  • Ensured the course alignment with the program requirements and curriculum
  • Developed a course in Blackboard

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