Podcast Research

Year: 2007

Synopsis: The study was conducted to investigate the use of podcasts in the writing process. Two groups of students were presented with a structured writing assignment. The podcast group developed, revised, and delivered a finished podcast. The traditional group developed, revised, and reworked a formal paper on the same subject. Findings revealed the writing process with the use of podcasts was helpful with student satisfaction and confidence. It was also found that the process was very helpful for brainstorming and writing early drafts.

Participants: Undergraduate students in British Literature course


  • Assisted in developing rubrics and interview protocols for the focus groups incorporating the critical incident technique to respond to the research questions
  • Conducted the pilot studies


Stanfield, A.K., Dempsey, J.V., Kanjanapongpaisal, P. (2007, July). Can Student-Developed Podcasts Help Students Improve Writing Skills? Proceedings of the International Conference on eLearning, New York City.