No More Famous Salesman on TV


I just learned that the guy whom I have seen VERY OFTEN on the commercials to sell all kinds of products which he was salesmen for just passed away.



I’ve seen him for years but never known his name until now. His name is Billy Mays. He was funny but good on the commercials. The most notable commercial he did probably is for OxiClean.



On June 29, after an initial autopsy on Mays’ body, Dr. Vernard Adams, the Hillsborough County, Florida medical examiner, stated that Mays suffered from hypertensive heart disease and that heart disease was the likely cause of his death. However, a final determination as to the cause of death would not be made until toxicology and tissue tests were complete.


RIP .. Billy Mays.. You can sell anything!


Source: Washington Post

The Trainer Finale


Yesterday, The Training show was beautifully ended. All the kids got a prize and an award. They all are so talented. At the end, Nong Jan and the trainer Boy won the grand prize. I think she definitely deserves it. I like her voice very much and she performed very well on the stage. Great job to all the kiddos!


Here is the winner – Nong Jan and Boy – T5

TaTa Young is Back


I heard that Tata Young’s new album will debut in July. You can listen to the preview of  her new singles – Ready for Love, and My Bloody Valentine.




Any thoughts on her look and singles??? For me, LOVE IT!

I Get That A Lot


CBS has launched a show called “I get that a lot.” The show is pretty much like Punk’d on MTV, but celebrities will pretend like they are normal working people. Take a look at these video clips. They are pretty funny!


Heidi Klum


Jessica Simpson


LeAnn Rimes

2PM – I Hate You


No.. No.. I don’t HATE 2PM! 2PM started to release the next single called “I hate You.” I like this song too. Take a look at their performance!




I heard this song “Don’t trust me” by 3OH!3 (pronounce Three-Oh-Three) and I love the melody of the song. I’m not sure if I like its lyrics though. It’s just too weird that I had to look it up online to check what I heard in the song is correct or not. And… I’m right ..


Let’s get to know a little bit about the band!


“3OH!3 stands for the area code that band front men Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte represent. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, the duo met while studying physics in college and discovered one another’s love for underground hip hop. The mutual fixation for a genre of music that is rarely handled in the capitol of hippies brought the two united to create 3OH!3 and before they knew it they were selling out local clubs with their high strung dancing layered on top of their truly unique genre-bashing music.”  Source: blogcritics



Well this is in America. They can sing whatever they want .. hahaha. I leave it that.  You will have to check it out by yourself


Watch their MV


Click Here for Lyrics

GEE MV with Sub Narok


Here is another MV with funny Thai sub. This song is called Gee by Girl Generation. They are even singing in Thai language. OMG .. this is just too funny.


KBS World Radio with 2PM


Three members from 2PM (Jaebeom, Nichkhun, and TaecYeon) went to an interview session at the KBS World Radio station. The interview was on May 31 and it was in English… so enjoy!



Nichkhun in Mai and Christina Concert

It has been confirmed that Nichkhun 2PM will come as a guest in Mai and Christina Concert in Bangkok! Wow.. it’s going to be very interesting!!
There is another funny claim that Nichkhun will come to visit BKK because he will come and kick some one’s ass (whoever created the new Again and Again MV with the funny Thai sub). Haha!

Aqua Comes Back


Have you heard the song “Barbie Girl”? It’s a Aqua’s popular song back in those days (10+ years I believe). Anyway, I heard that they are coming back yeah!! The first releasing single is Back to The 80’s.