New Look


How do you like the website’s new look? I like this template very much. I can do so much customization on the template. Actually, the reason I changed the look because my website has been attacked again. This time, I was be able to indicate or find out what the problem was.


I did some research on it. It has been spreading to a lot of website which is constructed by PHP, Blog template, etc. It will attack only “index” file which is the main page. It will embedded some kind of Javascript to redirect the page to or Don’t go to these websites. Although both of websites have been shutdown, the script embedded into all my index files were still affected.  So, basically, I had to go through the entire server and made sure I re-uploaded all the index files including the blog templates.


Anyhow, if anybody is experiencing the same problem that I had, don’t panic. Just re-upload all your index files. That seems to be easy solution for me rather than go through the HTML code and try to delete crappy Javascript.


Hope you like my new template! (I shouldn’t say “my” template” … it’s a free-download template I got from



Photty is a new gadget from Japan.

Like digital frames which you can download your digital pictures, music files, and video clips, but Photty is used as a key chain. It’s available at Amazon Japan

Kitchen Gadget


Look at this gadget! There are times that I felt lazy to chop onions. This scissor will take care of it… hahaha

I have seen this scissor before and saw it again from boingboing website.

You can order from Amazon.

Golffy on Ovi


Yeahh… eventually I have purchased a new cell phone. My new toy is Nokia N85. I totally love it! I can snap a photo and upload to the Internet to share with anyone right away. Plus, these services are free and managed by Nokia.

Nokia offers a website, called Ovi, where you can upload pictures, video clips, contact information, to-do lists, and calendar. You can also snychornize it with your cell-phone too.

Ovi is also compatible with Flickr. I don’t think you have to have Nokia in order to sign up as a memeber. So, if your cell phone can go online or have the Internet access, you definitely should try Ovi.

Etsy is Easy to Make Money


I believe that as long as you are creative, hard-working, you can always find ways to make money. Etsy is an alternative approach for selling your stuff online. Etsy’s selling system is quite similar to eBay, but providing members with greater benefits than eBay does. However, Etsy has strict rules of what you can sell. Unlike eBay where you can sell EVERYTHING, I mean “EVERYTHING”, Etsy requires sellers to list ONLY “Hand-made” items. Etsy charges 20 cents for listing. Each item can be listed as long as 4 months. The sold items will be charged for 3.5% sale fee.

Click the Logo above to read more about How fees work.

The products which people are selling on Etsy are such as paints, bags, cards, jewelry, stationary, etc. You will be surprised how many people buy and sell on Etsy. Buyers who love unique and handmade products and sellers who wants to make some extra money on their hobby will meet halfway on Etsy.

Membership registration is free… Why don’t you give it a try? Create something and sell it! By the way, Etsy is not limited only in the US, they allows people from other countries to sell stuff on the website too.

G1 Android Phone


I think around couple weeks ago T-mobile has announced G1 Android Phone. It’s the first Google cellphone.

As you can see, it slides on the side.

Here are some highlights

  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • Digital compass
  • Document viewer
  • Java MIDP 2.0
  • Voice memo
  • MP3 player
  • Built-in handsfree

T-mobile allows you to put your name on the waiting list now, and also has a page for the phone demonstration.

Take a look!

Blackberry Storm – Hot or Not


Guess what…I haven’t bought a new cell phone yet. I’ve been waiting too long for Nokia E71 Silver/White to come out, so when it did, I don’t want it no more. Ha Ha Ha… Let’s take a look at new Blackberry Storm.

Verizon has announced the very first touchscreen Blackberry!! has touchscreen keyboard.. just like iPhone. This model comes out to compete the iPhone. You will decide it is the one or not.

Gizmo has already gave a hands-on review to it. They even called “iPhone Killer!”… wow… I’m sure it is a killer because I don’t see any special features in iPhone except nice interface and touchscreen. It’s expected to hit the market in November.

You can read the reviews here

Take a look at additional pictures of the Blackberry Storm, click here

Still, I don’t think I can get this phone because I’m still under T-Mobile contract until next year….dayummm! 😕



I found this amazing website which you can learn so many things from other people’s ideas. This website is There are several ideas I found very interesting and innovative.

The first one is “Recycled Takeout Container Planter.” Personally, I like the shape of Chinese Takeout boxes. It’s hard, stylish, and most importantly water-resistant. What a great idea to use it as a planter!

The second one is “How To Make Organic Planting Pots Using Old Newspaper.” This is genius! Who would think of that! It’s money-saving, organic, and easy to transport the plants to the ground. I have flower seeds to plant and get them ready for the spring. I probably will use this approach to seed the plants.

Third is “Woven Paracord Bracelet/Watchband.” It looks fairly simple, easy, and fun. This can be a great gift for coming X’mas and New Year event.

Forth is “Grow A Square Watermelon.” Yeahh.. you read it correctly. It’s SQUARE”, and it’s edible! I don’t know if this is easy or hard to do. It seems complicated to me, but I think it’s worth to try if you are into fruit-farming.

The last my favorite (but not least) is “Light Bulb Lamp.” I like the contradict idea of lighting up the bulbs using the basic idea of lighting a candle whereas the bulbs should be lighting itself up with the electricity. The instruction sounds simple and doable.

There are still plenty of instructions on how to do cool things on the website. Go check it out. Some might look stupid – just discard those crazy instructions (some are just even suggestions). Share with me if you find anything interesting!

Unlocked iPhone are Now Being Sold in HK


I just read the news claiming that you can buy an unlocked iPhone both 8GB and 16G in Hong Kong withoutsigning any contract.

Offering free shipping, the 8-gigabyte phone goes for $5,400 Hong Kong dollars ($695) while the 16-gigabyte version costs HK$6,200 ($798).


A New Breed of Computer Has Emerged


As we know, computers can be categorized into four to five types depending upon size, functions, and capabilities. For instance, Personal Computer (commonly called as PC), Workstation (bigger and more powerful than PC), Laptop (or Notebook – just like PC but for portable purpose).

Now, I would like to mention about a new category, called Nettop, Netbook, Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC), and Subnotebook. These terms have been used interchangeably for a while now. It is first introduced like couple years ago, but heavily used and more well-known this year. What’s the differences between Nettop and Laptop? It’s just smaller and aiming for those who travel all the time and prefer something to be used for just the Internet, Email, minimal document work, etc. They don’t want any heavy media use or any other extras. The most essential features are super small and super light.

You would think this type of nettop would cost you a fortune. In the past..  YES.. but now.. NO! The price of nettop ranging from 350 – 500 dollars. What a good deal right? There are several models out in the market now. Dell even pushed out the new model called Inspiron Mini 9 to compete in the nettop market after allowing such other competitors as ASUS and Acer make tons of money selling nettops.

Acer Aspire One 8.9″ screen size (google it for more detials)

As far as I have seen those available nettops in the market, I seem to be attracted to Acer Aspire One. Not only does its price, but also its looks and features won my heart. I love it and might even buy it for my dad. He wants me to buy a laptop. His requirements are inexpensive, small, light, and the Internet capability. Yeah.. that’s all he wants. He doesn’t want any other things else beside the use of the Internet. We’ll see…