I found this amazing website which you can learn so many things from other people’s ideas. This website is There are several ideas I found very interesting and innovative.

The first one is “Recycled Takeout Container Planter.” Personally, I like the shape of Chinese Takeout boxes. It’s hard, stylish, and most importantly water-resistant. What a great idea to use it as a planter!

The second one is “How To Make Organic Planting Pots Using Old Newspaper.” This is genius! Who would think of that! It’s money-saving, organic, and easy to transport the plants to the ground. I have flower seeds to plant and get them ready for the spring. I probably will use this approach to seed the plants.

Third is “Woven Paracord Bracelet/Watchband.” It looks fairly simple, easy, and fun. This can be a great gift for coming X’mas and New Year event.

Forth is “Grow A Square Watermelon.” Yeahh.. you read it correctly. It’s SQUARE”, and it’s edible! I don’t know if this is easy or hard to do. It seems complicated to me, but I think it’s worth to try if you are into fruit-farming.

The last my favorite (but not least) is “Light Bulb Lamp.” I like the contradict idea of lighting up the bulbs using the basic idea of lighting a candle whereas the bulbs should be lighting itself up with the electricity. The instruction sounds simple and doable.

There are still plenty of instructions on how to do cool things on the website. Go check it out. Some might look stupid – just discard those crazy instructions (some are just even suggestions). Share with me if you find anything interesting!

Unlocked iPhone are Now Being Sold in HK


I just read the news claiming that you can buy an unlocked iPhone both 8GB and 16G in Hong Kong withoutsigning any contract.

Offering free shipping, the 8-gigabyte phone goes for $5,400 Hong Kong dollars ($695) while the 16-gigabyte version costs HK$6,200 ($798).


A New Breed of Computer Has Emerged


As we know, computers can be categorized into four to five types depending upon size, functions, and capabilities. For instance, Personal Computer (commonly called as PC), Workstation (bigger and more powerful than PC), Laptop (or Notebook – just like PC but for portable purpose).

Now, I would like to mention about a new category, called Nettop, Netbook, Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC), and Subnotebook. These terms have been used interchangeably for a while now. It is first introduced like couple years ago, but heavily used and more well-known this year. What’s the differences between Nettop and Laptop? It’s just smaller and aiming for those who travel all the time and prefer something to be used for just the Internet, Email, minimal document work, etc. They don’t want any heavy media use or any other extras. The most essential features are super small and super light.

You would think this type of nettop would cost you a fortune. In the past..  YES.. but now.. NO! The price of nettop ranging from 350 – 500 dollars. What a good deal right? There are several models out in the market now. Dell even pushed out the new model called Inspiron Mini 9 to compete in the nettop market after allowing such other competitors as ASUS and Acer make tons of money selling nettops.

Acer Aspire One 8.9″ screen size (google it for more detials)

As far as I have seen those available nettops in the market, I seem to be attracted to Acer Aspire One. Not only does its price, but also its looks and features won my heart. I love it and might even buy it for my dad. He wants me to buy a laptop. His requirements are inexpensive, small, light, and the Internet capability. Yeah.. that’s all he wants. He doesn’t want any other things else beside the use of the Internet. We’ll see…

New iPod


Apple has just released a bunch of new iPod – Nano, Classic, Touch, and Shuffle … They add several coo features to those new generations, such as built-in accelerometer (automatically rotate either horizontal or vertical screen for you when you rotate the iPod), shake to shuffle (if you shuffle your iPod shuffle, it will shuffle all the songs for you!), it comes with vibrant colors to choose from, and iPod Touch even comes with built-in speakers!

iPhone 3G without Contract


เมื่อวาน golf (เพื่อนอีกคนชื่อ กอล์ฟเหมือนกัน และ Alias ก็คล้ายกันคือ golfy) มาบอกว่ามีคนขน Iphone ไปขายเมืองไทยทีนึง 20-30 เครื่อง เราก็งง ก็ไหน AT&T กับ Apple บังคับให้เซ็นสัญญาไง จ่ายรายเดือน ก็แสนจะแพ๊งแพง ยังไงใช้ iPhone ก็ไม่คุ้มแน่ๆ อีกอย่างตัวกอล์ฟเองก็ยังติดสัญญากับ T-Mobile จนถึงปีหน้าโน่นแน่ะ เลยไม่คิดที่จะเปลี่ยนเป็น iPhone เร็วๆนี้แน่ๆ

วันนี้ก็เลยลอง search หาข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ iPhone 3G ก็ไปเจอบทความจากเว็บนึงเข้า golfy พูดถูกจริงๆด้วย AT&T พึ่งประกาศออกมาว่าจะมีการขาย iPhone 3G รุ่น 8 GB กับ 16 GB แบบไม่ต้องเซ็นสัญญา ซึ่งราคาอยู่ที่ 599 และ 699 เหรียญ ปัญหาคือ ที่่ไหน และ เมืื่อไหร่ ล่ะ กอล์ฟคิดคงมี Apple บางร้าน บางเมือง ได้เริ่มขายแบบนี้ กันบ้างแล้ว แต่เผอิญเมืองที่กอล์ฟอยู่ ไม่มี 3G และก็ไม่มี Apple Store ซะด้วยสิ

ราคายังดูแพงอยู่มาก แต่ถ้ามาคิดดีๆแล้ว จ่ายแบบไม่เซ็นสัญญา น่าจะคุ้มกว่า หรือซื้อไปขายเมือไงทยนี่โอเคเลยนะ (ชี้โพรงใหญ่ๆให้กระรอก) ฮ่าๆ

มีบทความที่น่าสนใจ ควรจะอ่านไว้เป็นความรู้ The Missing Guide to the iPhone 3G Price

กอล์ฟก็ต้องการแค่มา confirm ว่า iPhone 3G ตอนนี้มีขายแบบไม่ับังคับเซ็นสัญญาแล้วนะครับ โชคดีทุกท่าน สำหรับผม ก็คิดว่า ยังไม่สนใจ iPhone ตัวนี้ ยังอยากได้ Nokia E71 อยู่ดี แต่ตอนนี้รอมาเป็นเดือนแล้ว เครื่องสีขาวก็ยังไม่มีเล้ยยย..

Art Rage


I’ve had ArtRage on my machine for awhile, but never really trained myself to excel all the features. ArtRage is a drawing/painting software which allow you to express your artistic talent on the computer. It provides you with a variety of the drawing and painting tools, such as water painting, sketch pencil, oil painting, etc. The texture of the canvas is also customizable. How cool is that!!

ArtRage features

Here is the offical website

The latest version is 2.5.

Did i mention that the software is so CHEAP!! If you are an artist or a graphic designer, you should get the ArtRage, and you will not be disappoint. You can export the project in different formats, such as JPG and PSD (Photoshop).

Here is my latest artwork.

Butterfly Fish

What do you think?

Fish Spa


I read an article on Yahoo a couple month ago about using some fish in the spa business. It’s pretty cool idea, but it’s kind of sick too. Last night Matthew (he’s currently working for his sister’s nail and spa business in Mobile) came by and asked if I have seen any Fish Spa before. I told him that I read about it, but I have never seen any picture or video clip. So, we looked it up on YouTube. It was freaky….

They (dermatologists) claimed that it’s safe for doing that, but the business owners might need to make sure the water is clean. Fish will nibble your dead skin as their food. OK? People have been eating fish too much, now it’s their turn???

Fish Spa

The process is fairly simple. Most of spas will use fish to do the pedicure and manicure for clients. They will wash customer’s feet/hands first and let them enjoy the fish by stepping in to the pool or tub. Hundreds of fish will jump on you and eat your skin out! hahahaha… :-D

Fish Spa

Watch the real action from YouTube below

MSN Map Vs. Google Map


You wouldn’t believe this… MSN Live map is actually providing you with better views. Some people prefer to use MapQuest and Google map, but not many people have mentioned that they used MSN Live map.

Yesterday a friend of mine at work asked me to pulled up the MSN Live map because we want to look at area around my house. We select the Bird’s eye view, and it surprisingly gave me a very good satellite image.  I went back to Google map which I normally used, and keyed my address in. It didnt’ give me the detail image map as good as I got from the MSN Live map.

Bird's view of my house from MSN Live map

Bird's view of my house from MSN Live map

Plus, MSN Live map’s interface for directions are simpler than Google map. Micrsoft did improve a lot on this part. I love it and it becomes my first choice when I need to look up a map or direction.

Golffy’s BlogTV


Blogging is taking another step, adopting real-time technology, to make it more interesting. I know we have Vlog (using video for blogging), but now we have BlogTV. It’s sharing the same concept of using web cam or video clips to blog, but the difference is that you can blog LIVE on BlogTv.

Hmm… this could be fun! umm…I’m not used to talk to myself or be on webcam with a lot of people. So, I’m thinking about doing the BlogTv for my family and friends who live in Thailand and other countries – at least for now. :lol:

It’s free and easy to setup an account. Everybody has a web cam nowsday. You can also record your show, schedule your show, and even feed live video to the audience.  If you already have an account, don’t forget to add me. I’m using “golffy” –

I don’t have a recorded or live show yet. I guess I’m not quite ready to do that.. :-P . But, I’ll keep you posted when I’m going to go Live on BlogTv. Now, share your ideas to me!

E71 – Very NOKIA, Very IKEA


I would like to Introduce NOKIA E71, my new awaiting cell phone.

E71 review images

NOKIA E71 from

I know.. it’s very similar to Blackberry, but it’s more classy, slimmer, cooler, and more stunning features! It already arrives to the US. It comes with two colors – white/steel and gray/steel. I’m getting the white one!

Why wouldn’t I buy iPhone? Hmmm.. i feel like iPhone has more drawbacks when it comes to functions I’m considering to purchase a cellphone. E71 has everything iPhone offers except, of course, multi-touchscreen and big screen cool looking icons and interfaces. In contrast, iPhone misses A LOT of features which E71 offers, such as an easy email setup for most ISPs (Yahoo & Hotmail), switching mode for work or home screen setting profile, speech technology (read texts out loud for you), Quickoffice (edit, write, & read documents), and many more.

Nokia E71 side view

Nokia E71 side view (from

I’m looking for a cellphone which does handle business purposes while has abilities to handle multimedia for sometimes. E71 seems to fit my purpose. Did I tell you E71 is very slim? Yes… only 10mm.!! I like the design in the back too. I had already watched reviews about Nokia E71 from YouTube and very pleased from what I had watched. One of the video review clip mention that “E71 is very Nokia, very IKEA” … and I agree!

You can read a review from allaboutsymbian website.


Visit Nokia E71 WordPress Blog