Blacks in Wedding


This past memorial weekend I had a chance to attend one of my best friend’s wedding at Foley, AL. Everything looked so neat and was arranged perfectly. My friend, Katherine, looked very beautiful. I was helping her shoot video during the ceremony. Everything went well (I hope…I didn’t even look at those video footages yet ha!)

Everybody dressed up nicely. I noticed that most of the guests chose to wear black. This was weird….it did strike me in an odd way…uhhh wow… I was thinking in my mind if I were attending to the wrong ceremony????

Why did I think like that?…It might be because I came from different culture and tradition -l am from Thailand. I had to think (and pretty sure) that most Asian countries probably have the same perception of how wedding themes should look like. I have to tell you that Black is a “NO! NO!” to wear to the wedding. In Thailand, we would wear bright colors because wedding day is a happy and joyful ceremony. We believe colors represents live and black represent death. So, we would wear black to attend to a funeral ceremony. If you wear black to attend to any wedding ceremony in Thailand, they probably think you are disrespectful and try to crash the wedding. They would immediately escort you escorted to the street. Even if you are wearing dark colors, they probably would think you are idiotic and disrespectful too.

I know that in American wedding way colors, black or white clothes mean nothing, but it’s just me coming from different culture. I just could help but thinking that why those people were so crazy and disrespectful to my friend! Ha Ha Ha…

Anyway… Congratulations to Katherine!!


Introduce to … Mr. Enzo Ferrari



Enzo Ferrari

He’s my little crazy chihuahua who loves sun-bathing. Look at that picture! He’s smiling because he knew I was taking his picture. LOL