Happy 1st Anniversary


Yay… I’ve made it! It’s already been one year that I live in Jacksonville, FL. I haven’t created any blog post since last year. It was my intention to do so.

I really hope that I can blog more often from now on. There are tons of things I’d like to share with my readers. So… STAY TUNED!

Life without the Internet


Recently, I have just moved to start my new life but stay in the same career. It has been such an interesting experience dealing with packing my stuff, having the house ready to list on the market, finding the mover and an apartment. It was a lot to process! So stressful!

The mover hasn’t contacted me yet. They definitely are not on time!! Nobody hasn’t provided me with the status. All I can do is to pray that they will get here soon!

The apartment offers free wifi in common areas but still I have a hard time connecting to it. When I’m in my room, there is no way to access any wifi spots. As now, I’m writing this blog post through my iPhone. Hopefully, AT&T will help me setup everything tomorrow. One problem though… I don’t have a television for them to setup :(

I love the amenities in this apartment complex. Everything is brand-new and top of the line. I just went to the gym this evening. Nobody was there. I felt like I was the first one who used the machines. I love it! I need to try the swimming pool and hot tub too.




Golffy 3.0 (Beta)


I’ve just released Golffy 3.0 beta version! Don’t forget to subscribe my blog!

My portfolio page is pretty much completed. I’m very pleased the way it look. There are still some work to do. That’s why I call it “Beta” version. So, please stay tuned!

Should I Switch to a New Facebook Timeline?


I noticed several of my friends of Facebook are hesitate to switch their Facebook interface to a new Facebook Timeline. I certainly understand that most people are afraid of changes. They don’t’ like to learn how to operate all the new features and settings that Facebook has offered. They don’t want to feel frustrate because they cannot find things on the new interface.

From my point of view, the feel and look of the new interface is totally overwhelming, but it impresses me in a good way. I like the fact that the new interface is utilizing the space of the screen by diving the timeline into two columns (left and right side). Personal information, pictures, friends are better organized. Basically, the look has changed but it is somewhat very similar to the old interface. It is not too difficult to figure things out. I love the Cover Photo and Activity Log feature. For those who are not sure about the size of the cover photo, it is 850×315 px. The privacy setting has also been improved. You can manually configure your privacy setting for each post and it is very easy to do that.

Some examples of my Cover Photos are below. They placed very nicely on my FB profile page.

So if you ask me if you should switch it, of course, I’m going to say “YES, you should do it!” I have the introduction video from Facebook for you to watch. Take a look for yourself! I think later on all the FB users are forced to change it anyway. So, why wait for it? Let’s change it today!

Greeting from Hawaii


Brandon traveled to Hawaii for work, but it was nice of him to send his friends a couple of scenery shots from where he stayed at. The pictures are so beautiful, aren’t they??!!??

I’ve never traveled to Hawaii, but it is always in my wish list haha!

Thanks for sharing, dear! :)



New Look of My Portfolio Page


My portfolio page is still under construction. I’ve spent a lot o f time re-organizing and adding more examples of my work. This helps me reflect my thoughts on several projects that I had worked on. So, please stay tuned. More details on the Portfolio page is coming!

Golffy 3.0


I’m in a process of revamping my website. I call it 3.0. The site is still under construction. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

My Photography

My Photography

If you know me, you will know how much I love taking pictures. I carried my CANON S95 every where, and often I used my iPhone to take a photo. iPhone has a very decent camera. It takes a nice photo in a low-light situation. I like to share moments and interesting things through my photography. I share my photos through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even in my blog. One of my favorite application that I have been using is Instagram. I like this application because it provides me with ton of photo effects and it is easy to share my photos on Twitter and Facebook.

For those who do not use iPhone, you will not have Instagram to view my photos. However, I use Inkstagram to share all of my Instagram photos on the web. So, now you can view all of my Instagram photos on my Photography page!! Don’t forget to check it out!

Great Flood in Thailand

Great Flood in Thailand

I experienced great flood in Bangkok once when I was a kid, but the devastating floods in Thailand are now just unbelievable. When I see pictures that Thai people share on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, I can’t help but feel sorry for victims. This is probably one of the biggest disaster in Thailand’s history.

Floods are coming to the area where my parents’ house is located and expected to pass through this area before flowing into the Gulf of Thailand. This is scary!!! I really hope the flood would go somewhere else or leave minimal impact to our area.

Let’s take a look at our great lessons learned from this disaster.  These pictures were collected from multiple sources. Thanks everyone for sharing!

Thank You

Thank You

Today I got a chance to celebrate my birthday again. Thanks to the ILC staff! I love the 3D card and the Tiramisu cake. Tonka’s potato salad was so yummy!!

3D Birthday Card


Do you know what the meaning of “Tiramisu” is? Tiramisu is an Italian word and it means “pick me up.” I have known this tasty dessert for about ten years or so. I think Tiramisu has become popular around that time. Actually, Tiramisu is not a new creation from Italy. According to Wiki, it has been mentioned in Italian cookbook since 1983!

Some said it wasn’t too difficult to cook, but it looks complicated to me. Some day I will give it a try. I don’t have the recipe, yet I’m sure it should not be a problem to find one on the Internet.