Latest BB Curve Theme – 3G


I have a new favorite theme for my BB Curve now. It’s free, practical, useful, and perfect for me!




You can download from CrackBerry website


More screenshots



For those who has a Twitter account, you shouldn’t miss this application for your BlackBerry. It’s called TwitterBerry. I have been using it for couple weeks now. It’s plain and easy to use. You should give it a try!


And.. for those who don’t know what is Twitter, please read here for more information.


RIM BlackBerry Rules the Market


This morning I just had discussed with Tar (a friend of mine in Bangkok) about iPhone versus BlackBerry. Which one is better or is the winner? Tar admitted that he is now rooting for the iPhone resort. So do I declare that I am taking on BlackBerry side… hahaha. We kept debating to each other. I admitted that I did not like any other BB’s models except the Curve. I do like the fact that iPhone offers more applications. But, for personal purpose of use, I still want to pick BlackBerry over the iPhone. I think there are a few things that I cannot live if I have to use an iPhone. But for Curve, it suits me well at this point.


Anyhow, to backup my vision and thoughts, I decide to blog  about how well BlackBerry is doing in the market now. The news has confirmed that Research in Motion (RIM)’s BlackBerry is the one to beat.  Yeahh…!



International Data Corp’s Mobile Phone Tracker data puts Research In Motion at more than half of the smartphone marketshare for the first quarter of 2009: that 55.3 percent share compared to a 19.5 percent share for Apple’s iPhones. That’s a dramatic surge from two quarters earlier, when BlackBerry devices hung on to 40.4 percent and Apple had 30.1 percent, according to IDC.


A recent survey by Yankee Group revealed that of 41 percent of Americans who planned to buy a smartphone for their next phone, half were planning on a BlackBerry — is versatility. Sure, BlackBerry phones have reliable features and an entire app store, BlackBerry App World. But where iPhones and other flashy smartphones are often tethered to one wireless carrier in the United States — iPhone is exclusively AT&T, for example — all of the major carriers support at least one BlackBerry.


Source: ChannelWeb

BlackBerry World’s TOUR


Finally… the name of the new model for BlackBerry has been finalized. It has been announced that the new coming BlackBerry is called “Tour.” 


So, what’s Tour? Tour is the combination of Bold and Curve (But more like Curve I think) How nice is that? Here is the summary of specification and key features: NOTE – the bad news is … NO WiFi!


  • 3.2 MP camera with flash, variable zoom, image stabilization, autofocus and video recording(i)
  • Full HTML web browser, including support for streaming audio and video (RTSP)
  • Advanced media player for videos, pictures and music, a 3.5 mm stereo headset jack and support for the Bluetooth(R) Stereo Audio Profile (A2DP/AVCRP)
  • 256MB Flash memory
  • Expandable memory via hot swappable microSD/SDHC memory card slot, supporting cards of up to 16 GB today and expected to support next generation 32GB cards when available
  • Built-in GPS with support for geotagging, BlackBerry(R) Maps and other location based applications and services
  • BlackBerry(R) Media Sync allows customers to quickly and easily synch music from iTunes(R) and Windows Media Player with the smartphone(ii)
  • Premium phone features including voice activated dialing, enhanced background noise cancellation, a low-distortion speakerphone, and Bluetooth (2.0) support for hands-free use with headsets, car kits, stereo headsets and other Bluetooth peripherals
  • Preloaded DataViz(R) Documents to Go(R), allowing users to edit Microsoft(R) Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly on the handset
  • Easy mobile access to Facebook(R), MySpace and Flickr(R), as well as popular instant messaging services including BlackBerry(R) Messenger, Yahoo!(R) IM, AIM(R), Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger(TM)
  • Support for BlackBerry App World(TM), featuring a broad and growing catalog of third-party mobile applications developed specifically for BlackBerry smartphones. Categories include travel, productivity, entertainment, games, social networking & sharing, news & weather, and more
  • BlackBerry(R) Internet Service allows access to up to 10 supported personal and corporate email accounts, including most popular ISP email accounts
  • BlackBerry(R) Enterprise Server provides advanced security and IT administration features within IBM(R) Lotus(R) Domino(R), Microsoft(R) Exchange and Novell(R) GroupWise(R) environments
  • Removable and rechargeable 1400 mAhr battery for 5 hours of talk time and 14 days of standby time


Source: Channel Web and CrackBerry

When will it be coming out? There is no launching date set at this time, but you can expect to see it during this SUMMER..


In the mean time, I’m looking forward to see Onyx – another coming BlackBerry model which is packed with all the nice features from Bold and Curve including 3G and WiFi too.


My Current Curve Theme


Finally, I found the ymost favorite theme so far. It’s called “MacLike.” All the icons are big and cute. The color and font size are perfect for me. It comes with Today and Message display on Home screen too. Take a look at my screen shots






Here is where I got from CrackBerry Forum


Do you like it?

New Theme for Curve 8900 Users


I would like to share a few themes with you. These themes are for Curve 8900 only. All you need to do is to click on the link and download it. This is called Over The Air method (OTA). Let’s take a look!


Green Berry by dannieloco

SadosBerry by SadosDemetrios

Paul Frank by c for crackberry


After you installed the theme and you don’t like it, you can delete it: Options > advanced options > application > highlight theme > menu > delete.


These themes above are not mine. I just relink to the theme from


Please let me know if you have any question!

Skype on Curve 8900


As Skype has announced on March 31,the Lite Skype would be available in this month for BlackBerry Bold and Black Berry Curve users. This is a very good news for me since I have been using Skype and SkypOut almost everyday. This would be a lot more convenient for me to call back to Thailand or even received a phone call from other countries.


The ability to make calls will be available in 10 countries: Australia, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the United States and the UK.


You will be charged by your mobile operator for local air time and data usage based on the type of calling service and data plan you have purchased. Since the lite version of Skype uses a mobile data connection to sign in to Skype, update your contact list, update presence and send/receive messages, you will be charged by your mobile operator for data usage. You will not incur charges from Skype when you make Skype-to-Skype calls or send instant messages to friends on Skype; however national calling rates apply from your mobile operator due to the use of local air time. Skype will charge its regular very low Skype rates when you call landlines and mobiles using Skype or when you receive calls on your mobile handset from other Skype users or people calling your personal online number.


The beta of the lite version of Skype will be available as a free download to BlackBerry smartphone users beginning in May from using their BlackBerry® Browser.


What an awesome news!!


Source: Skype

8900 Online User Manual


For those who are looking for online manual of BlackBerry 8900. Here is the link. It’s in PDF format.


Check it out!

Curving Through The EDGE


I would like to write a quick review on my BlackBerry Curve 8900 or Javelin. I have been using it for about two weeks now. I still cannot find anything that I don’t like about it. I absolutely love everything about it. I have been downloading several program and themes to pimp my Curve the want.


Here is a quick list of what I like or what I can do with the Curve:

1. I can online 24/7 on my phone.

2. Email, SMS, and MMS work like a charm.

3. I can fully customize on the ring tone.

4. Alarm clock is very useful – there is an option to choose not to alarm on the weekend (How smart is that!).

5. Speakerphone is awesome – loud and clear.

6. Media player and music player are not bad at all for the business phone. I can watch movies too.

7. I can watch YouTube through either Wifi or EDGE with no problem and delay.

8. I don’t have any problem with keyboard. It’s pretty comfortable for me.

9. Battery life is good. It can last for two day and I’m a heavy user.

10. The resolution on the screen is incredible. 


The list can go on and on… hahaha


Anyhow, the website that I found very resourceful and  useful is CrackBerry. If you have a BlackBerry, you definitely need to bookmark this website. Let me know if you have any question regarding Curve 8900!!


Click image to enlarge. You will see the quality of the phone camera from Curve.



Split-Leaf plant



Hello Kitty Tokidoki Theme (Screen captured)


My current theme (Screen captured)

Thai on Curve 8900


Yeah… my new BlackBerry Curve 8900 can read and type in Thai now.

Thanks for those who did the tutorial on

At first, I got the error message “App Erro 220”, and all I could do was to reset the phone. So, I had to reconnect the phone to the computer and used BB desktop manager to install everything new. Wheeeeww.. I thought I had to send the phone back!

Oh.. GOOD NEWS! Now, T-Mobile reduces the price for new customers. BlackBerry Curve 8900 is now only $150 with (of course) 2-year contract.