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What’s Pinterest? I think of it as a storyboard to help me organize ideas and brainstorm. The board allows me to add pictures, quotes, hyperlinks, and video clips on the board based on the categories that I have created. It is somewhat a social interaction tool as you can view, comment, like, and follow other people’s boards. The Pinterest’s web interface is awesome. It changes the way people view things on the screen. Pinterest allows you to view multiple categories and items at the same time.

You can join the Pinterest by requesting the invitation since it is not entirely open to the public yet. I believe it takes less than 24 hours to get the response from the Pinterest team. They will give you a specific direction of how to sign up an account.

How to add stuff to the board? It’s very easy. You can install the plugin to your browser. Once you install the plugin, you just need to click Pin It button and select whatever you want to pin on your board. Pinterest also provides users with a video tutorial of how to use Pin It button. Please take a look at the video below.

You can do so many things with this virtual board. Here is an article providing you tips for using Pinterest in a classroom. Click here


The infogrpahic below displays everything you need to know about the Pinterest (Source: Mashable)


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