When Did You Join Twitter?

I have been thinking about conducting a survey about the use of Twitter at the University of South Alabama for a while, but it was quite difficult for me to do everything by myself. My friends and colleagues do not appreciate Twitter much. Some of them have an accounts, but tweet only a few times and never tweet again. Some of them don’t even care for it.

Thanks to Sylvia who starts to appreciate Twitter! She reads and tweets regularly, and she is interested in conducing the survey with me. Yay!! So, we have been working on questionnaires for a week or so. We should be able to collect data soon. Our survey focuses on the use and popularity of Twitter at the USA, and then we want to create an inforgraphic.

An Example of Infographic

And  then I asked myself when I joined Twitter? Hmmm I forgot and I could not find the joining date under my profile! Well, I used google to find a tool to answer my question. It’s very easy. If you are like me wondering the date you have joined Twitter, go to http://www.whendidyoujointwitter.com. Type your username and click “Find Out!” button.

I joined Twitter since March '09

Wow.. it has been two and a half year since I joined Twitter! I have quite an experience with Twitter. Just like any relationship, I have ups and downs with Twitter. I can see why people stop tweeting after they have joined Twitter only a few weeks or months. Twitter has no fun if you cannot interact with your Following and Followers. You can follow people as many as you want, but it doesn’t mean that those people will follow you back. It is like one-way communication when you follow a person, but that person doesn’t follow you back. You can only receive information or tweets from that person, but that person will not see any tweet updates from you unless he/she visits your profile or timeline. Guess what? It  has no fun for stalking people or one-sided love relationship.  People might say they enjoy reading Following’s tweets, but I wonder….for how long?

What I am trying to say is that Twitter will become more enjoyable when two-way communication has occurred — a good balanced number of Following and Followers. And, it’s not easy to gain numbers of Followers because it takes time to build your own Twitter fan club who enjoy reading your tweets. I probably will blog about ways to increase your Followers next time I blog about Twitter. Basically, the more people follow and read your tweets, the higher chance you get mentioned on Twitter if you tweet regularly. That’s how 2-way communication, interaction, and engagement have occurred, and the number of Follower comes into play.

So, it will be interesting to see how Twitter has been used at the USA, how many people heard about Twitter, but never used it, how many professors currently use Twitter in their courses,  how many students enjoy using Twitter, etc. I’m looking forward to the results!

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