Sakai Part 1 and 2

Today I was a backup for the Sakai Part 1&2 workshop at the College of Business. Sakai is our new Learning Management System which is going to replace eCollege soon. We trained USA faculty how to access the eCampus, set up a project site in Sakai, manage site tools, import contents and resources from one project site to another, and activate the gradebook.

Tonka and Sylvia did a great job as usual. I just helped around and made sure the faculty complete all the assigned tasks. I also tried to remember what needed to be trained for the part 1 because I will have to teach next month. Part 1 is very important. The overall concepts and Sakai basic tools and settings were introduced to the faculty in this part.

So far our training approach has been working very well. We introduced the tools, let the faculty watched the tutorial videos, and asked them to complete the activity. They can use the given job aids or ask for any assistance during the hands-on activity.

After long hour workshop, we stopped by Cold Snap yogurt ice cream shop. It was OK, little pricey. But, I liked the concept of make-it-yourself ice cream. They offered a lot of toppings and they all looked yummy!




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