I’m so grateful that the data collection for my research study is almost done. In fact, the number of participants has been reached my expectation since Friday. Thanks to all participants who took their time and did the study for me. Thanks to all my dear friends who helped me recruit students. I appreciated everything that the people around me have done for me!!

I know that my study is not a typical survey, and most people would take more than 15 min to finish it. But, I feel so lucky that I am able to collect the data so quickly.

I still need to continue collecting data because I set up the deadline on June 15. By that time I should have almost 200 participants. How exciting!!

This weekend I tried to create a Moodle course and put my study to it. It worked out pretty nicely. I could get  very detailed results from the participants, and those results are SCORM compliance too. I plan to continue to build a few more courses and add them to my portfolio. I’m also very excited about it! It’s time to brush up my Captivate skills!


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