An article from Yahoo! Finance predicted that 10 brands that may disappear in 2001 were the following:

  1. Reader’s Digest
  2. Blockbuster
  3. Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group
  4. T-Mobile
  5. Moody’s Corp.
  6. BP
  7. RadioShack
  8. Zale Corps.
  9. Merrill Lynch
  10. Kia Motors Corp.

I don’t even know the half of the brands on the list, but I have to agree that Blockbuster might be gone. Blockbuster stores haven’t been doing well in Mobile too. The rent is way too expensive compared to the Red Box where you can rent a movie for $1. Plus, people can sign up for Netflex and some even has Comcast On Demand. I also have to agree on T-Mobile being in the list too. With AT&T dealing with iPhone and Verizon’s large group of customers, T-Mobile is the No. 4 cellular company in the U.S. Like me, I’ve just switched to AT&T because T-Mobile couldn’t offer an iPhone. Moreover, AT&T has been reducing the service fees and offering more plans to choose. That’s why I think many people might do the same by switching over to AT&T. But, that’s only my opinion.

Source: Yahoo Finance


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