I went to pick up another iPhone 4 for my sister yesterday. So, yeahh.. we have 2 iPhone 4s now … whoo hoo! …..But wait… as soon as she got the phone, she started to import her stuff from the iPod Touch to the new iPhone. Somehow, the backup files or firmware got corrupted and put her iPhone to infinite loop of Recovery Mode.

Oh.. no!! We tried to reset and restore like a million times, but all we got was the screen that asked us to connect to iTunes. Once we connected, the warning message window popped up and said that the iPhone was in the recovery mode and needed to be restored. Then, the restoring process would never be completed. The message error (I think it is number #9) would show up at the end of process stating that the process couldn’t complete. It had been like that forever.

So, this morning I went on searching for solutions again. Finally, I found the easiest way to resolve this issue on the Apple iPhone message board. Please keep in mind t hat I used and tested this method on the Mac machine.

Here is what you need to do:
1. Go to http://insanelyi.com/topic/599-recboot-enter-and-exit-recovery-mode-easily/
2. Select RecBoot (Mac) Updated: v1.0.2 and download the file
3. Unzip the file (this step should be already done automatically by Mac)
4. Connect your iPhone 4 to the Mac (iPhone 4 is in the Recovery mode)
5. Go inside the RecBoot folder
6. Double-click on RecBoot Exit Only

7. Click on Exit Recovery Mode button
8. Wait and wait and wait…you should then see that your iPhone is back to the normal
9. Your iPhone 4 is ready to restore all your backup files and update

Good Luck! let me know how it goes!


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